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  1. AlwaysWrite
    I talk to myself, because sometimes I need expert advice.
  2. ABmod
    ABmod Bclegg
    Can't catch up if you don't show up!
    1. Bclegg
      Whats up? Im here im here
      Aug 3, 2017
  3. WAMO
    WAMO Brickguy221
  4. Bclegg
    Bclegg tony
    @tony , I was looking for some of that old merchandise. You have anything left? Shirts, bibs? Hit me up 9799431933
    1. tony
      Sorry, I just saw this. No, I don't have any merchandise. All that stuff was given away. I've thought about doing a special run or something. But nothing planned. I'll keep it in mind!
      Feb 17, 2017
    2. Bclegg
      Yeah man let me know for sure. I been out of bowling for about 4 years. Getting back into it. Bought a storm timeless yesterday from emerald bowl. Hope all is well.
      Feb 18, 2017
  5. Bclegg
    Looking to catch up
  6. Bclegg
    Bclegg tony
    Wzup tony? Long time. How have you been. You still got my number?
    1. tony
      Yes, a long time. No I don't have any numbers. I live out of the US now so it's hard for me to stay in contact. But welcome back!
      Jan 6, 2017
  7. bbfreeburn
    bbfreeburn Greg T.
    Greg, I've got a book for you. James Rollins, "The Bone Labryinth." Given your thinking on the origins of man, I think you'll find it interesting, even though it's fiction.
    1. Greg T.
      Greg T.
      I'll have to check that out for certain. I over heard someone speaking of that at one time but didn't pay attention to what they were saying. Gonna find it on amazon. Thanx!
      Aug 31, 2016
  8. Monster Pike
  9. Monster Pike
  10. ABmod
    ABmod Don4Christ
    Welcome, Don!! Enjoy the boards. You'll find most of the action and discussion in the "Off-Ramp" forum.
  11. Tigerbait007
    Tigerbait007 tony
    What additional features are you working on for this site?
  12. REVerse °
    REVerse ° Greg T.
    Looks like Uncle George. Yum yum eat'm up. Eat'm up.
    1. Greg T.
      Greg T.
      Lmao! GTGT found this for me.
      Apr 28, 2016
  13. tony
    tony Tigerbait007
    Glad it worked out!
  14. Greg T.
  15. Tigerbait007
    Tigerbait007 Greg T.
    Your avatar looks like Barrack Obama
  16. Tigerbait007
    Tigerbait007 tony
    Thanks! You got mean avatar
  17. Tigerbait007
    Single with a son
  18. Tigerbait007
    I can't get an avatar!!!#
  19. Brickguy221
    Brickguy221 Steve McBride
    Steve, glad to hear from you. I am 79 and can't hear well enough to talk on the phone anymore, but do text some. My mobile no. is 405 - 623 - 6777, but as said, I only text.

    My Email is

    My wife passed away Feb 15th of this year, so I am alone now.

    Talk to you later.

  20. Steve McBride
    Steve McBride Brickguy221
    Call me 903-821-0034