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    R.I.P. Brick ole buddy...

    R.I.P. Brick ole buddy...
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    Software Update!!! 8/18

    There will be some intermittent bugs on the site due to a software upgrade being installed. If you encounter some weird activity, or if things just don't work now and then please be patient. The bugs will be worked out soon. CHEERS!!
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    Upgrading software

    But you're so good at breaking stuff!! Why stop now?? :)
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    Texting about a happy day ...

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    Welcome new Member!!!

    Invented 1
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    Lane Masters Threads...

    I probably should have been a surgeon. Would have been easier!
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    Lane Masters Threads...

    I must apologize to the folks who posted in the threads about Lane Masters. There were two threads, I tried to merge the two and they disappeared. I am sorry. Please feel free to post them again.
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    Call it curiosity.........

    Glad to have you aboard!!! The good stuff is in the Off Ramp forum!!
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    New member Welcome!!!!

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    Finally said goodbye to ballreviews

    Welcome aboard, Bowlingnut76!!! Enjoy! We are looking forward to your contributions to the forums!
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    Can't catch up if you don't show up!

    Can't catch up if you don't show up!
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    Welcome new member!!!

    The F.I.G.J.A.M.
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    Happy Birthday!!

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    Welcome new Member!!

    Meggy Ostrom
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    Hey, Gary!! Good to see you here. We are bigger and better than ever!! You'll find most of the action in the Off Ramp forum. Join us and enjoy! P.S. You'll need one more post approved before you have full membership.