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    Dear Greg T: But regardless of anyone's religion -- or non-religion, as it may be -- everyone seems to be putting (and pushing) certain limits and restrictions on Christianity (prayer in schools, prayer on the athletic field, etc.), and no one would dare to put such limitations on Islam.
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    This gives me hope

    Impressive, indeed!
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    Happy 102nd Birthday to Vera Lynn!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Vera Lynn, born Margaret Welch in East Ham, England, 102 years ago today (March 20). She was extremely popular during World War II, and she performed before Allied military units in many locations. Here, at one such appearance, she sings one of her biggest hits, "We'll Meet...
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    Dear Djarum300: If Christians weren't allowed in politics, America, as it has existed for more than two centuries, would never have gotten off the ground, so to speak.
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    Sadly, the era of Internet bowling forums may be ending

    ALL such forums get "bad" if there isn't good, sufficient and consistent moderation!
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    Sadly, the era of Internet bowling forums may be ending

    Dear toolguru: Now, get this straight: I WAS NEVER BARRED FROM THE BOWL.COM FORUM, no matter how many times you care to repeat that FALSE INFORMATION.
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    Sadly, the era of Internet bowling forums may be ending

    Dear toolguru: Believe what you want, but I can assure you that I HAVE NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER with the BBE moderators, and I never have. As for BR, I stand by the comments I made earlier. Have a good day.
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    Happy Birthday to Charley Pride!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Charley Pride, born 85 years ago (on March 18, 1934) in Sledge, Miss. As one of the most-successful black C&W singers, he had 29 No. 1 country charters, and "Kiss An Angel Good Morning" was a big 1971 crossover hit …
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    Happy Birthday to Irene Cara!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Irene Cara, born 60 years ago (on March 18, 1959) in New York City. The vocalist-actress-dancer-pianist made her professional debut at age 7, and as a singer, she charted a half-dozen national Top 40 songs, including this six-week chart-topper ("Flashdance ... What A Feeling")...
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    Happy 80th Birthday to Neil Sedaka!

    Dear REVerse: Same here. And when "Oh Carol" came out, I wondered why a girl was singing to (apparently) another girl In the lyrics).
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    Dear WAMO: You are correct. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!
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    Happy Birthday to Adam Wade!

    … and here's a recording of his biggest hit single, "The Writing On The Wall" from 1961 …
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    Happy Birthday to Adam Wade!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Adam Wade, born Patrick Henry Wade in Pittsburgh, Pa., 84 years ago today (March 17). The singer-actor had three Top 10 hit singles in the early '60s, and he worked as a lab assistant on Dr. Jonas Salk's polio research team. He also was the first African-American TV game show...
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    Happy Birthday to John Sebastian!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to John Sebastian, born 75 years ago today (March 17) in New York City. He was the founder of The Lovin' Spoonful before going solo in 1968, and here, he sings lead on the group's chart-topping 1966 hit, "Summer In The City" …
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    CNN Reported this?????????????

    … and indeed, I DO love it!