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    Happy Birthday to Frankie Avalon!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Frankie Avalon, born Francis Thomas Avallone in Philadelphia 79 years ago (Sept. 18). The teen idol charted 13 Top 40 national hits, in addition to co-starring with Annette in a number of beach movies. Here, he performs his chart-topping "Why" -- which, by the way, was the very...
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    Happy Birthday to Jimmy Gilmer!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jimmy Gilmer, born 79 years ago today (Sept. 15) in Chicago, before being raised in Amarillo, Texas. In 1960, he joined an instrumental band formed at a Raton, N.M., high school in 1957 as a vocalist. The group became famous with a song that topped the Billboard pop charts for...
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    Fucking Wal Mart!!

    … but actually, you can ask someone off your property for ANY reason, or no reason at all.
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    Wait...what now?

    … and once again, the winner of the Democrat debate: DONALD J. TRUMP!
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    Wait...what now?

    Biden is very unlikely to win the Democrat nomination … BUT it certainly would be interesting if he were to face Trump on the debate stage!
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    D’Souza explains it perfectly

    D'Souza explains MANY things perfectly!
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    Fucking Wal Mart!!

    Dear 9andaWiggle: It's absolutely true that if a proprietor doesn't want you there, and if you don't leave, YOU ARE TRESPASSING. That even applies to bowling centers, and I cite two instances: (1) Bowler Dale Reed questioned the proprietor about how he ran his business, and not only did the...
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    Happy Birthday to David Clayton-Thomas!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to David Clayton-Thomas, born David Henry Thomsett 78 years ago today (Sept. 13) in Surrey, England, before relocating to Toronto, Canada, at a young age. He is most-noted as lead singer for Blood, Sweat & Tears, and here, the group performs its huge 1969 hit, "You've Made Me So...
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    Happy Birthday to Maria Muldaur!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Maria Muldaur, born Marie D'Amato in Greenwich Village, N.Y., 76 years ago today (Sept. 12). She was a member of two jug bands in the early '60s, and as a solo artist, her most-remembered hit was "Midnight At The Oasis" in 1974 ...
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    Happy Birthday to Dennis Tufano (of The Buckinghams)!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dennis Tufano, born 73 years ago today (Sept. 11) in Chicago. He was lead singer for The Buckinghams, and here he fronts the group with one of their five 1967 hits, "Don't You Care" ...
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    Haley's hot box in the bathroom

    A smokin' hot box!
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    Happy Birthday to Danny Hutton!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Danny Hutton, born 77 years ago (Sept. 10) in Buncrana, Ireland. He moved to Los Angeles as a child, and he was a founding member of Three Dog Night, but here, as a solo artist, he performs his 1965 hit "Roses And Rainbows" ...
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    Happy Birthday to Jose Feliciano!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jose Feliciano, born in Lares, Puerto Rico, 74 years ago today (Sept. 10). The singer-acoustic guitarist was blind since birth, and he was raised in New York City. His biggest hit was his 1968 interpretation of The Doors' "Light My Fire" ...
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    Judge Jeanine rips James Comey a new one -- big-time!

    Judge Jeanine Pirro held nothing back in telling it like it is with regard to the disgraced former FBI director James Comey in her Opening Statement of her "Justice" show on Sept. 7 …
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    Important News!

    … but even so, they could drop by once in a while, even though infrequently.