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    The Jewish quarterback with the perfect arm

    Funny.......................................but true!
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    Beware The Evil That Lurks Within

    That stuff ain't funny when you are trying to get that drawer open though. :D
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    Careful What you Ask!

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    And That's How We Roll

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    Last Words

    Works for me every time.
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    9's Classified Ad

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    Beware The Evil That Lurks Within

    Joke of the Day Count Spatula Strikes Again
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    9's Words To Live By

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    I Have Been Training My Whole Life

    I've Been Training For This My Whole Life.
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    Just In Time

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    Big 'Ol Grill

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    Just In Time

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    Clearing things up in the garden ...

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    2 Pic Jokes

    Oh no you didn't!