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    State opening up

    But to get the true death rate you have to compare the number deaths with the number of actual infections. Imagine what that would be if all numbers were reported accurately.
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    Happy Birthday to Stevie Nicks!

    That's what happens when Stevie shaves. Stevie Nicks.... :Thumbsup: :Thumbsup: :Thumbsup: :Thumbsup: :Thumbsup:
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    Follow the Money? Stop the FEAR

    Oh yeah, those who speak the truth are always the nut cases. History has proven that time and again. Just take Nikola Tesla for example.
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    Judge Jeanine: There is no longer justification to shut down America

    Hey Judge, nailed it as always! But, not a word about Gretch-olph Whitler??? Hello-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!!! Michigan here!!!! You know, the state where a 77 year old barber loses his license and is jailed for trying to pay his bills.... and eat. The place where EVERYONE is quarantined at home...
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    Follow the Money? Stop the FEAR

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    Extreme;ly Insightful

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    Happy Birthday to Jessi Colter!

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    Happy Birthday to Tom T. Hall!

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    Fan dimmer switch

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    This guy is hilarious

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    In Case You Were Wondering

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    Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan!

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