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    Trump's deportation force

    That's it... The sky is falling... Well, at least Trump doesn't want our guns before he deports or imprisons (ref: goodtime's photo) us.... Or repeal the 2nd amendment, like a certain party wants... What's hillary running on exactly? What is her platform...? Other than everybody is lying...
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    Huge Cocaine Supply Found At Coca-Cola Plant

    "...they discovered the sacks of cocaine inside a shipping container of orange juice from Costa Rica..." Looks like they were literally putting the "juice" back in orange juice... ;):Geek:
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    What This Woman Can Do With Her 4.48 Inch Tongue

    Gene Simmons long lost daughter...?
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    I gotta get to wal mart and

    "IT IS?" what? And why you yelling, bro?
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    I gotta get to wal mart and

    Dang, that temp is just over your age....
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    EpiPen Raises Prices, Gives Execs Huge Raises

    That still doesn't tell me how X millions of users doesn't equal volume. What is "volume" then, times these "X million users"?
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    Pearl Vs Gold

    That's what the wife & I were talking about yesterday. That's 1 yuuuge oystah...
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    Pearl Vs Gold

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    Pearl Vs Gold

    That's some serious bling if it authenticates out...
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    Lawmaker Wants Cajun Navy Rescuers To Train, Pay Fees

    Kudos to these people for stepping in & helping folks out. Never, ever regulate that. A big thank you would be more like it...
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    I gotta get to wal mart and

    Living the dream, buddy. How bout yourself? I hear you have a battle going. I said something to you in one of your comments, not sure you saw it, but prayers to you. Keep fighting & win the battle.
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    I gotta get to wal mart and

    No, they weren't that long... but they kept popping out & a bouncing around...
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    Wish she could have been MY teacher!

    Oh, I thought it was a different kinda teacher... Hot, big breasted, purtty... But that's cool, no homework... ;)