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    I feel the love...

    My birthday is noted in my profile. I suspect a glitch in the matrix has fucked me over.
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    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    'Bout time. I may just resume titty posts after this.
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    I feel the love...

    A complete swing and a miss on my birthday this year. I turned the big 5-0 and not a whisper of it here. It even coincided with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, which was also overlooked. Either there was a time warp and you all missed the 21st, or... fuck you. Either way, no more...
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    Happy 4th All!!!!

    A day late, but who cares... Happy Independence Day!
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    It's summer, but where is the global warming?

    Meanwhile in Colorado...
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    AOC actually said something smart

    Even a blind squirrel will occasionally find a nut.
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    Weather forecast reminds me of why I moved from Wyoming to Florida

    Meanwhile here in NC, we're looking down the barrel of a weather system pushing Memorial Day weekend temps to 95°+. Average high this time of year is 80°. :Devilish:
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    Maybe Democrats

    My daughter goes to UNC-CH. It's become a hotbed of activism in the past 10 months. She literally wants nothing to do with any of this liberal bullshit, but next year she'll be living right off the area of campus where these types of protests happen. It's theater of the macabre and a seminar in...
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    I did, but some of you fagtards devolved to posting pics of moobs. Ya evil fuckers... :mad::Mad:
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    Boobs are good. I like boobs. ( o )( o )
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    Weather like this doesn't get boring at all

    I'm about to have riverfront property... and my place is 1/2 mi from the river. We've got rain off and on in the forecast for the next 10 days. We're cosmically fucked if this keeps up.
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    Any Ronda Rousey fans? NSFW

    This is my idea of a playground... :p :Rolleyes: :Whistling: