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    You've gotta know that Trump's rally was a big success ...

    6000+ in the arena 7.7 million watched it on Fox News (giving them their biggest Saturday ratings in network history) 4 million viewers streamed it online. Yeah. Total flop... :rolleyes: The hacks at CNN couldn't report the truth if you put a gun to their heads.
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    The only thing missing from this pile of steaming NASCAR dog shit is the fix that allowed Bubba to win Monday at Talladega.
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    George Floyd's detaining

    I just read this article, which makes the case that the state may have a difficult time prosecuting Chauvin, the rogue cop who killed Floyd in broad daylight. Most of you know that I have been training in martial arts since I was 14 (I'm 50 now). I've been consistently training (COVID-19...
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    Minneapolis Riots

    They foment racial division and hate. It only makes sense that the rioters in Atlanta bring that violence to their doorstep.
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    Mini-editorial: 'Reopening' has become a political issue

    The answer to this question is absurdly simple: the only thing that will make them feel safe enough to end the lockdown is the end of the Trump Presidency in 2021. The BIGGEST reason I can devise for the duration of the lockdown is that the Democrats can push for an all mail-in election in...
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    Interesting **Got it back**

    The problem is that Remdesivir can cost anywhere from $390-4500 per course. Hydroxychloroquine comes in at less than a dollar a dose. Big Pharma LOVES the idea of pushing Remdesivir, I'm sure.
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    The best reason to favor an end to the lockdown

    Look at the benefits to them of drawing this lockdown bullshit out as long as possible: 1 - a more negatively impacted economy can be tied around Trump's neck like a noose for Democrats to hang him with. 2 - the longer we are disallowed from gathering in groups, the more likely it becomes that...
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    GT what's going on in MI?

    Well this seems like a giant middle finger to the people of Michigan...
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    Mayor of New Orleans

    The top looks good. How's the undercarriage hanging?
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    Just curious

    Diluted or otherwise, they still get injected into the body, numbnuts... :rolleyes:
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    This Woman has got to be...

    That's not a NC accent - at least not east of I77. She's from Appalachia, NC (the mountains) or Tennessee, I guarantee it. The nude beach video wasn't shot in NC. We don't have any nekkid beaches in these parts (at least not public nude beaches). The palm trees in the background as Marge is...
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    Just curious

    He said injecting disinfectants. Interestingly, doctors do this all the time (injecting disinfectants) in the form of O3 (ozone) and H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). I see the leftist MO is still to obfuscate and fabricate. Good to see you anyway, Bob.
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    Mayor of New Orleans

    Why aren't there pictures associated with this post? I mean, if you're going to ask me if I think someone is hot, at least have the COMMON FUCKING COURTESY to provide pics. Jeez... :Oo:
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    N Korea News - Kim Jong Un passes away

    Couldn't happen to a more deserving person.
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    Turn it up loud!!!

    The other point that you seem to be missing: "Everybody here has been vaccinated anyway."