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    Wet T-Shirts for Tuesday. NSFW

    I just got me some.
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    Mini-editorial: Stop tolerating unwanted guests

    And hear I thought you were talking about Tool Guru staying at your house.
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    It's great to be in the Sunshine State!

    Ya well I'm at the airport heading to Las Vegas baby!!!!!
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    How about WAMO, because when he was in charge of AB it went to shit.
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    So I just noticed...

    No it was the Russians, haven't you heard!!!! Come on people get with it.
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    In the wonderful world of Nancy Pelosi's constituents ...

    If he is, he is undercover, shhhhh.
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    New bait for WAMO

    You want to send WAMO to an early grave.
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    Head Count - who's peeking in?

    Here, I usually stop in once or twice a day.
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    Imogen who? Not Safe For Wamo

    Who was the band again????
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    Joe Biden is a misogynistic pervert!

    Resign from what? Life? He is a private citizen at the .moment, pondering weather he should run.
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    Yes that is who I meant, damn autocorrect on my cell phone. But I see everyone got the meaning of my post.
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    To all the douchbags happy Friday. I nominate shift, what a dick..
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    Sadly, the era of Internet bowling forums may be ending

    I do remember when we came over here some of those fake users came with us. And the mods shut them down. I also remember that some of those fake users tracked backed to one user. And I will not give up any names, it a dead issue, everyone should just get over themselves, and move on.