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    But watch out for my BEARRRRRRRRSSSSSS we are back baby.
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    Best Story Ever

    I have seen this one before, but damn I still LMAO
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    Good one LOL
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    Need a new ball. Recommendations?

    Buy a Timeless by Storm, good ball.
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    Welcome to the new v9.0!

    Hey what ya been up to, hows been going?
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    Happy Birthday Sevenpin63!!!

    Thanks just saw this. I will celebrate this weekend, to busy with work, these 2am to 2pm days are killing me.
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    Kentucky Basketball

    How about them cheese heads. Kentucky Falls, next is Duke. Wisconsin by 4.
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    Back in Black

    Welcome back REVerse, stick around for a while this time.:Cool:
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    Welcome to the new v9.0!

    Thanks Tony, looking good so far. Now let me explore.
  10. sevenpin63 Version 9.0

    Thanks Tony!
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    Figured I wonder over here for a Spell

    Good to have you Livespive.
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    Looking for a good solid

    Yes JLS that is what I meant. So you don't think the Nano will be enough ball?
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    Philadelphia 76er's - WTF?!?

    Ok Jorge back off of the ledge LOL. It goes in cycles, look at me and my Bears, we just went thru a nigtmare of a season, but we have new GM and coaching staff so I see some hope for the future. And I don't even want to get into the Cubs, but hey I still have hope. Besides it could be worse, you...
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    Looking for a good solid

    Do you have this ball yourself? If you do, how does it react for you.
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    Looking for a good solid

    Well my problem with patterns like at Nats. is they tend to be oilier and flatter than THS, and with the way I bowl, I have a very hard time slowing down, so my ball tends to go buy the break point, as I am to fast. They say I get my speed from my timing, because my speed is effortless, I am 16...