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    Covid question for AW (or anyone else who may know)

    Damn AW you're a legend In your own mind.
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    Yoooo Hooooo

    uh oh i smell a suicide
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    Go BIG or go Home

    WOW WAMO, I see you have a new girl. Tired of the sheep already?
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    Dear WAMO: This thread's for YOU!

    Uh oh were is Pike
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    Been a rough couple of months...

    Damn 9 sorry to hear about you wife and your employment, hears hoping the rest of the year flips from the start of this year. Keep your chin up we are all praying or rooting for you and your wife, best of luck. If worse comes to worse you can always sell some sheep to WAMO, I'm sure he will...
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    9 always know's what to bring to a party.
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    Thanks guys, getting older and older.
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    Friday Douchebags!

    Now that's something I would
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    Friday Douchebags!

    Thank god.its Friday douchbags, Ben working 12 hour days.
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    Biden's Hidin'

    No cigar people
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    Biden's Hidin'

    I get it Greg
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    Warrior homecoming

    Thank him for his service from one former soldier to another.
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    So what y'all doing for Valentine's day?

    Me and my girl have some whip cream and strawberries to take care of.
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    Uh, no!! Uh Uh! HELL NO!

    Uh oh WAMO has something new to drool over.
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    Monster Fish

    I still chat with Monster Pike on Facebook now and then. He is doing well, and busy with his kids going to college.