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    Ridiculous NBA All-Star games no longer worth watching

    The N Me A is hard to watch,..PERIOD
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    Cuba Offers To Pay Back Debt With Rum

    Fark Cuba. I havent forgotten the Bay of Pigs
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    If the Shoe Fits...

    Straight up their homocrap lovin asses
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    It's a team game, but one Cowboys player contributed most to Dallas' defeat

    Cowboys lost!!:Laugh::Laugh::Laugh::Laugh::Laugh::Laugh::Laugh::Laugh:
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    IM BAAAAAACK !!!!!!!

    Yes I am great. In fantasy football.
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    IM BAAAAAACK !!!!!!!

    GregT,...I would let your avatar sh.....uh,...nevermind:Roflmao:
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    I promise to behave myself or at least give it a valiant effort.:Biggrin::Biggrin:
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    No wonder Kaepernick and the 49ers didn't win

    The PHONEYNiners are a complete grease fire. KRAPernick is complete shit.
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    IM BAAAAAACK !!!!!!!

    ...and Im not the HOSE