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  • Saints should be dominant, on defense, this season and Brandin Cooks should compliment Jimmy Graham. The running game has to get better
    I need a pointer or a tip. I am hitting the pocket, on the right side, with regularity but can't carry the 10 pin. Should I move back 3 to 6 inches!!! Anybody with some insight, please contact me. Ed
    Won 9 points on the first night. We played well as a team. Looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things. Geaux Saints! Defense looks good. Rob Ryan did a good job getting his defense prepared. Holding the Falcons to 17 points was money!
    Apparently, the NCAA had no real evidence against Johnny Football. He may have taken money for autographs but no paper trail. A 1/2 game suspension, against Rice. Rice is not a football powerhouse. Closure in College Station!!! Johnny Football, please keep a low profile. I'm tired watching ESPN talk about you. It's as bad as Tebow Mania!!!! Geaux Tigers
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