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  1. 9andaWiggle

    It put me in stitches ...

    HA HA!! :Laugh:
  2. 9andaWiggle

    Real "Groaner"

    At your age, ANY #2 is great! :Roflmao::Roflmao::Roflmao:
  3. 9andaWiggle

    9`'s Bathroom

    Ha! I find your juvenile penis jokes amusing! :Roflmao: Reminds me of what I once saw written on a bathroom wall: "Don't look here for the joke... it's in your hand!" :D
  4. 9andaWiggle

    Girlfriend Joke

    Ah, yes, but of course... the ones that got away! :( :Roflmao:
  5. 9andaWiggle

    Girlfriend Joke

  6. 9andaWiggle

    Last Words

    I've found an eye roll accompanied by a "yes dear" resolves nothing if she sees it...
  7. 9andaWiggle

    And then the fight started...

  8. 9andaWiggle

    The Jewish quarterback with the perfect arm

    Now THAT'S funny!! :Thumbsup: :Roflmao::Roflmao::Roflmao:
  9. 9andaWiggle

    50 Years Together

  10. 9andaWiggle

    9's Classified Ad

    :Cautious: :Biggrin::Roflmao:
  11. 9andaWiggle

    The Big Date

    A guy goes into the pharmacy and says to the pharmacist "I got this date tonight with two of the hottest chicks in town. I want to be sure I can keep up with both of them all night. You got anything to help?" "Sure do. Just take two of these pills an hour before they get there and you'll be...
  12. 9andaWiggle

    9's Words To Live By

    So true... er, so I've been told! :Whistling: :Biggrin:
  13. 9andaWiggle

    Big 'Ol Grill

    A man and his wife were weeding the garden one sunny afternoon. She was bent over getting behind a small hedge, and he noticed her butt was about the same size as his bbq grill. Intrigued, he got a tape measure and proceeded to measure his grill, then her butt. When she inquired what he was...
  14. 9andaWiggle

    Unusual collaeral

    *GROAN* :Rolleyes: :Roflmao:
  15. 9andaWiggle

    His Name Is Bubba

    Funny. But a redneck festival in Paris? :Cautious:
  16. 9andaWiggle

    Sign Pic

    It's not funny, because it's true! Many a good man have been lost to this travesty. :( I think we need to ban wedding rings! :Roflmao:
  17. 9andaWiggle

    Miracle Cure

  18. 9andaWiggle

    Really Good Advice