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  1. Strider

    Fantasy Football team owner needed

    I need someone to take over for a team in my league. One of the owners threw a shit fit and dropped all of his un droppable players. I removed him as an owner and put all the players back on the team. Obviously you wouldn't get to draft your own team, but it's not a bad team or anything...
  2. Strider


    Tony, Any way a button could be added so that you could navigate either forward or backwards (or both) within posts of a forum so that we don't have to constantly click the browser's "back" button to get back to the main screen to click each topic within a forum?
  3. Strider


    Yeah, I was trying to edit my profile so it didn't show my whole name, so I deleted and reposted the thread several times. There were quite a few less than desireables there. If any of them follow here I won't stay. I liked the fun and most of the crap talking, but it got way out of hand...
  4. Strider

    BR welcome!

    Trying to start a topic. Looks like you just click the gray "start new topic" button on the upper right part of the screen when you're on the off-ramp "title" screen. I was a fairly regular member here about 8 years ago when I lived/bowled in the southeast. Even met up with Michelle from...