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  1. AlwaysWrite

    Amazing! Look how many famous singers recorded this song!

    Indeed ... and isn't that an impressive list?
  2. AlwaysWrite

    Once-thriving BBE forum is all but dead

    Dear Greg T: He may not be successful either, but WAMO does know a lot of people who were members of this forum way back when, so perhaps he can lure back a few of them.
  3. AlwaysWrite

    Amazing! Look how many famous singers recorded this song!

    Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Grateful Dead, Patti Page, Jim Reeves, Roy Rogers, Porter Wagoner, Bobby Bare, Bonnie Guitar, Dean Martin, Charley Pride, Statler Brothers, Roger Miller, Johnny Cash, Frankie Laine, Hank Snow, Johnny Paycheck, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Trini Lopez...
  4. AlwaysWrite

    Amazing! Look how many famous singers recorded this song!

    "Green, Grass Of Home" was written by Curly Putman in 1965, and the original rendition was by country vocalist Johnny Darrell. The biggest rendition was by Tom Jones in late 1967, but see the next post for a partial list of the singers who also recorded it ...
  5. AlwaysWrite

    Once-thriving BBE forum is all but dead

    Dear Greg T; Well, let's see if -- as possibly indicated in another thread -- you and WAMO can "round up" some of the "old hands" from those other forums and increase participation in this one. Good luck in any such efforts.
  6. AlwaysWrite

    Once-thriving BBE forum is all but dead

    Dear Greg T: Even if you were able to log in and post at BBE, your words would be seen by only a few anyway!
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    How 'bout dat

    ... and if Biden were in office, he would have refused to ban travel from China until at least 2 months after the time frame (Jan. 31) in which Trump instituted it, and MANY MORE THOUSANDS of deaths would have happened!
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    Once-thriving BBE forum is all but dead

    The Ball Reviews (BR) forum isn't doing a lot better. In their Miscellaneous (all bowling) forum, only 5 threads have been active over the past 6 days, and the most-active thread had only 3 replies yesterday. Aside from that thread, THERE WAS NO ACTIVITY, with the previous "active" thread...
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    Once-thriving BBE forum is all but dead

    If the once-thriving Bowling Ball Exchange (BBE) forum isn't officially dead, it may as well be. For the first time in several months, I just took a look at BBE, and the most-recent post was on Aug. 26 -- 28 DAYS AGO! And since July 9, there have been only 3 posts and 2 replies! Time was when...
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    What? Too soon??

    The entire nation will die if a lot of people don't "wake up"!
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    This isn't good.

    I sincerely sympathize with Greg T and Djarum300 (and their families) with regard to the situations referred to in this thread. May God be with all concerned in these unfortunate turn of events.
  12. AlwaysWrite

    How 'bout dat

    If President Trump had opposed the use and concept of hydroxychloroquine, is there any doubt that Democrats and the fake-news lamestream media would have blasted him for not endorsing it?
  13. AlwaysWrite

    Words of wisdom from Dick Morris: It's about the future, stupid

    [NOTE: These words from Dick Morris, as posted on his Web site, exactly match my thinking with regard to what's at stake in Election 2020.] While Biden devotes his entire campaign to litigating the issue of who to blame for the virus and the 200,000 American deaths, Trump should...
  14. AlwaysWrite

    Happy Birthday to Paul Petersen!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Paul Petersen, born in Glendale, Calif., 75 years ago (on Sept. 23, 1945). As a youngster, he was a Disney Mousketeer, and he played Jeff Stone on The Donna Reed Show on TV from 1958 to 1966. As a singer, here's the first of his half-dozen Billboard Hot 100 hits, "She Can't...
  15. AlwaysWrite

    Happy Birthday to Bruce Springsteen!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bruce Springsteen, born in Freehold, N.J., 71 years ago (on Sept. 23, 1949). Here, the famous singer-songwriter-guitarist performs his biggest hit, "Dancing In The Dark" from 1984 ...
  16. AlwaysWrite

    The Mob

    Dear sevenpin63: That's for sure!
  17. AlwaysWrite

    Welcome back

    Dear sevenpin63: My post was self-explanatory, and no, "my own medicine" doesn't "push my buttons" at all. I was just pointing out that others sometimes use the same "tactics" they accuse me of. And by the way, your above-quoted comments COULD be considered as trolling, and there's no...
  18. AlwaysWrite

    Welcome back

    Dear 9andaWiggle (and others): Needless to say, I don't agree with your "assessment"; however, there's no need to apologize. But allow me to point out that in issuing such a post -- and whether you realize it or not -- you're doing the same thing you're accusing me of. You're indirectly...
  19. AlwaysWrite

    Happy 90th Birthday to Joni James!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Joni James, born 90 years ago today (Sept. 22) in Chicago. She was a professional dancer in the late '40s and early '50s prior to launching a singing career in 1952. Her biggest hit was "How Important Can It Be" in 1955 ...
  20. AlwaysWrite

    Happy Birthday to Debby Boone!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Debby Boone, born 64 years ago today (Sept. 22) in Hackensack, N.J. She is the third daughter born to Pat and Sylvia Boone, and she is a granddaughter of Red Foley. Here, she sings "You Light Up My Life" ... a song that topped the national pop charts for 10 consecutive weeks in...