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  1. Greg T.

    Vermont bowler becomes 34th to post a 900 series

    ...using a mitten instead of a glove, one hand tied behind his back and balancing a set of Tupperware containers on his head.
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  3. Greg T.

    I Mean, Really!

  4. Greg T.

    I Mean, Really!

    What about the poor folks who tried it with a bull?
  5. Greg T.

    9`'s Bathroom

    That's easier and safer than pouring hot water in his lap and grabbing the one that turns red.
  6. Greg T.

    A comparison that demonstrates the absurdity of major-league baseball salaries

    It all links up with unions. The same thing happens with any other union. Stand on an assembly line and turn a screw for $45.00/Hr plus bennies. Then people wonder why $10,000 cars cost $55,000. Stand on the side of the road holding a sign that you have flip back and forth to stop traffic in a...
  7. Greg T.

    A comparison that demonstrates the absurdity of major-league baseball salaries

    It's not my intent to bring a political tint to this conversation, but I have to believe there are two major contributors to the excessive salaries. One is collective bargaining, and the other is oneupmanship. A player has good numbers, teams want him/her, and the union and agent take over. Back...
  8. Greg T.

    Software Update!!! 8/18

    Looking great, so far!! I like the new GUI.
  9. Greg T.

    Missed Translation

  10. Greg T.

    A $50,000 'arousal'?

  11. Greg T.


    Good shit, right there!!!!!
  12. Greg T.

    Fantasy Football team owner needed

    This will get more traffic in the Off Ramp forum.
  13. Greg T.

    New Memeber Welcome

    Bowlingnut76!!! Welcome!!!
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    Are you talking legal immigrants, or are they here illegally and not citizens?
  15. Greg T.

    Is that job for real?

  16. Greg T.

    Looking for Mexican Jews

  17. Greg T.


    I don't have a problem with the names as long as all the players are American citizens. If not, we have a problem.
  18. Greg T.

    A key reason, not often mentioned, for bowling's downward spiral

    Here in Esky we used to have two 24 lane centers nearly full at league season. Now, one has been closed for over 12 years and other never has a full house. Plus, 7 miles away there was a 12 lane house that is now closed.
  19. Greg T.

    IM BAAAAAACK !!!!!!!

    You are Hoseless?