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  1. 9andaWiggle

    Vermont bowler becomes 34th to post a 900 series

    I heard he has multiple 300's in duckpin bowling too...
  2. 9andaWiggle

    TOC was a helluva show!

    EJ's not even #2! Did they say O'Neil was her 2nd favorite? :Laugh: Was really surprised Kent stayed with urethane when the carry just wasn't there. Figured he'd have seen what Blanchard did and make that ball change.
  3. 9andaWiggle

    TOC was a helluva show!

    Just watched it, and they did not disappoint! Some great shots (don't think I'd ever seen the 8-10 covered, live or on TV), some lucky shots, and some that looked like what I'd do. lol Not to mention seeing history made. :Thumbsup:
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    Eleven people on a rope

    Why do old men usually die before their wives? They want to. :Roflmao:
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    I lol'd! :Roflmao:
  6. 9andaWiggle

    Sex 'on the cheap'

    Nothing wrong with being frugal! :Roflmao:
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    It's funny because it's true! :(
  8. 9andaWiggle

    I Mean, Really!

    "Takes a while to get her warmed up, then POW! All at once!"
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    I Mean, Really!

    Yeah, you wonder about cow milk. They probably didn't try squeezing it out with their hands until after they'd been kicked in the head a couple times. o_O
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    Well, 4 and 12 got Bill O'Brien a 5 year extension... so 8 and 8 would be considered a banner year in Houston. :Confused: :Roflmao:
  11. 9andaWiggle

    It put me in stitches ...

    HA HA!! :Laugh:
  12. 9andaWiggle

    Real "Groaner"

    At your age, ANY #2 is great! :Roflmao::Roflmao::Roflmao:
  13. 9andaWiggle

    9`'s Bathroom

    Ha! I find your juvenile penis jokes amusing! :Roflmao: Reminds me of what I once saw written on a bathroom wall: "Don't look here for the joke... it's in your hand!" :D
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    Girlfriend Joke

    Ah, yes, but of course... the ones that got away! :( :Roflmao:
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    Girlfriend Joke

  16. 9andaWiggle

    Last Words

    I've found an eye roll accompanied by a "yes dear" resolves nothing if she sees it...
  17. 9andaWiggle

    And then the fight started...

  18. 9andaWiggle

    The Jewish quarterback with the perfect arm

    Now THAT'S funny!! :Thumbsup: :Roflmao::Roflmao::Roflmao: