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    Some key comments on the Mueller report ...

    Dear Greg T: Indeed … but it should have been done long ago!
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    Gotta luv it!!!

    … but can anyone blame him?
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    Happy Birthday to Elton John!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Elton John, born Reginald Kenneth Dwight near London 72 years ago today (March 25). The legendary vocalist-pianist charted an amazing 56 Billboard Top 40 hits and eight No. 1s, including this one ("Crocodile Rock") from late 1972 …
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    Happy Birthday to Anita Bryant!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Anita Bryant, born in Barnsdale, Okla., 79 years ago today (March 25). As Miss Oklahoma, she was second runner-up to Miss America in 1958, and as a singer, her big hits included this one ("Paper Roses") from 1960 …
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    Some key comments on the Mueller report ...

    A few key points regarding the long-awaited Mueller report … * Keep in mind that the exoneration was made by a team consisting almost exclusively of partisan Democrats and Obama-Hillary supporters. * Democrats -- including Rep. Nadler and all 2020 presidential candidates -- want to see ALL of...
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    Gotta luv it!!!

    Being married to Hillary would likely tempt most men to look elsewhere for female companionship!
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    Happy Birthday to Nick Lowe!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nick Lowe, born in Walk-On-Thames, England, 70 years ago today (March 24). The singer-producer is proficient at playing guitar, piano, bass and harmonica, and here, he performs his biggest hit, "Cruel To Be Kind" from 1979 …
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    White People Cause Air Pollution

    Dear REVerse: Ask Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Or better yet, ask 9andaWiggle!
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    Dear 9andaWiggle: In another forum, perhaps.
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    Happy Birthday to George Benson!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to George Benson, born 76 years ago today (March 22) in Pittsburgh. The R&B jazz guitarist and vocalist played guitar from age 8, and here, he performs his best-known song, the 1980 smash hit "Give Me The Night" ...
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    Happy Birthday to Roger Whitaker!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Roger Whitaker, born 83 years ago today (March 22) in Nairobi, Kenya, of British parentage. He relocated to England in 1959, and his most-famous single in America was "The Last Farewell" -- a Top 20 pop tune and No. 1 on the adult contemporary chart in 1975 …
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    Dear Greg T: Without question!
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    Dear REVerse: Absolutely, as I just stated in another post (apparently when you were in the process of issuing the above-quoted post).
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    Dear REVerse: Certainly, ONE-SIDED POLITICS should be removed! In too many instances, teachers and professors at all education levels are allowed (and even encouraged) to "indoctrinate" their students with liberal viewpoints, while at the same time expressing and "teaching" anti-conservative...
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    Happy Birthday to Eddie Money!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Eddie Money, born Edward Joseph Mahoney in Brooklyn 70 years ago today (March 21). Before turning to music, he was a trainee with the New York Police Department, and as a vocalist, he charted 11 Billboard Top 40s, and this ("Baby Hold On") was the first of them in late 1977 …
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    Dear Greg T: But regardless of anyone's religion -- or non-religion, as it may be -- everyone seems to be putting (and pushing) certain limits and restrictions on Christianity (prayer in schools, prayer on the athletic field, etc.), and no one would dare to put such limitations on Islam.
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    This gives me hope

    Impressive, indeed!
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    Happy 102nd Birthday to Vera Lynn!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Vera Lynn, born Margaret Welch in East Ham, England, 102 years ago today (March 20). She was extremely popular during World War II, and she performed before Allied military units in many locations. Here, at one such appearance, she sings one of her biggest hits, "We'll Meet...
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    Dear Djarum300: If Christians weren't allowed in politics, America, as it has existed for more than two centuries, would never have gotten off the ground, so to speak.
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    Sadly, the era of Internet bowling forums may be ending

    ALL such forums get "bad" if there isn't good, sufficient and consistent moderation!