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  1. Greg T.


    And, to you!!!!
  2. Greg T.

    Happy Birthday to Tom T. Hall!

  3. Greg T.

    Anyone Else

    Tucker and Hannity were incredible shows last night. I have to believe that fecal material is going to come in contact with the Aeroacceleratom Electicus.
  4. Greg T.

    Anyone Else

    smelling justice in the air????
  5. Greg T.

    Happy Birthday to Jessi Colter!

  6. Greg T.

    Wise Old Man

  7. Greg T.

    Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan!

  8. Greg T.

    Happy Birthday to Patti LaBelle!

  9. Greg T.

    Maybe Democrats

  10. Greg T.

    Maybe Democrats

    I don't think the baby is even in the thoughts of liberals. It's just about control. They want the (so they say) the freedom to decide, regardless of the human life being tossed away. But they don't want ME to decide what I say, or to own a gun, or.........use plastic straws.
  11. Greg T.


    Best defense is a strong offense. Accuse your opposition of your own crimes. Deflect and obstruct. Old game.
  12. Greg T.


    Because they just do what the loser left does,.
  13. Greg T.

    Happy Birthday to Leo Sayer!

  14. Greg T.

    Maybe Democrats

    Well, in that case, liberals are not considered a resource until they become conservatives.
  15. Greg T.

    Maybe Democrats

    You can bet your life on that
  16. Greg T.

    Maybe Democrats

    should die. That should alleviate their hatred and disgust for the unborn.
  17. Greg T.

    Happy Birthday to Pete Townshend!

  18. Greg T.

    Mini-editorial: What would YOU do if you were Trump?

    I'm sorry, but I would retaliate. I would hire a special investigator to make sure those who were responsible for the lies and fake intel are held accountable and are punished within the full extent of the law. ALL of them.
  19. Greg T.

    Mini-editorial: Democrats continue to waste time and money on investigations

    Saving innocent lives is never a waste of time.