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  1. Scolai

    Catholics vs. Native Americans

    Let the discussion begin. Or did I miss the thread in which people were talking about this already? Either way, the media sucks nuts and Nathan Phillips is a lying sack of Native American excrement.
  2. Scolai

    The Wet T-Shirt Thread

    Wet t-shirt contest. I'll let you know when I decide on the winner. Post your entries. The Rules: No faggotry - if you post fat dudes in wet t-shirts, you expose your own faggotry No animals - Sorry 9~. Drool on the wool on your own thread. Post as many entries as you want. My first entry is...
  3. Scolai

    So my day yesterday...

    My day yesterday started with the news that one of my training partners, a martial artist with whom I tested for black belt rank in 2012 (he for 2nd-degree, I for 1st-degree), died suddenly and unexpectedly. In the years since, we have spent hours on the mat together in various training...
  4. Scolai

    RIP Chuck Berry

    Gone at 90 years old.
  5. Scolai

    Yeah... so....

    This shit happened about 45 minutes from me.
  6. Scolai

    Death by Porn

    I'm not sure what to think about this situation. Good way to go? Buried in 6 tons of smut? I'm just not sure...
  7. Scolai

    We lost...

    Bill Paxton and Judge Wapner on the same day.
  8. Scolai

    FIGJAM Moment. Bear with me...

    Today was a pretty big day for me as I tested for my 3rd degree black belt in Isshinryu karate. During the test, I was required to perform a bunch of kata, weapons techniques, and throws. This is me doing one of those throws - called harai goshi - on one of my instructors.
  9. Scolai

    Well, damn.

    We arrived home from the dojo on Friday night ahead of a predicted ice/snow storm to a ringing phone. My mother-in-law was calling to inform us that my father-in-law had collapsed at his hunt club just as the day was closing. He was transported to the hospital where his heart stopped twice and...
  10. Scolai

    Berlin, Germany Learns the Error of Its Ways

    A box truck plowed into a crowd of holiday revelers today in an act of terrorism. 12 are confirmed dead with nearly 50 injured. Angela Merkel is learning the folly of allowing 'refugees' into her country without proper vetting.
  11. Scolai

    Effing Tailgaters

    So I had this experience a few weeks ago on my way to work. For the record, my 15-year-old son was in the car with me. I was driving down a 3-lane road which had been partially washed out in Hurricane Matthew. Construction had closed the west-bound side of this road (which I use in the...
  12. Scolai

    What in the hell...

    Are these idiotic protesters trying to accomplish? Overthrow of a valid election result? Punishing the voters? Harming Trump? How are these protests accomplishing anything meaningful? Here's a thought: if he's not your president, get the fuck out of the country. Certainly some socialist...
  13. Scolai

    F*ck Hurricanes

    Another effing hurricane tore up NC again. Most expected a glancing shot. That didn't happen. Instead, we received almost 10" of rain (which is considerably less than the 15" that fell in Fayetteville), and now we're sitting here waiting for the rivers to reach peak so we can see how much of the...
  14. Scolai

    So... I'm doing this...

    47 years old, but I'm not too old to play with the kids in the mud. Wish me luck. Not because of the course, but because my team consists of my wife (a certified badass); a coworker (who is more muscular than I am); and a HS classmate who is in her early 50's, is Crossfit certified, and has...
  15. Scolai

    Join the Fight Against Bras

    A movement I can get behind. And in front of... :Geek: :Thumbsup: :Whistling:
  16. Scolai

    Guys Get Busy with your Ladies

    It will reduce her depression, make her smarter, and keep other dudes from knocking her up. Remember that Republican politician who said that a woman's body would shut down and prevent her from becoming pregnant by her rapist? Seems he wasn't entirely wrong.
  17. Scolai

    Ted Cruz is Out

    Say hello to your Republican nominee - Donald Trump. When you come to grips with this truth, the Libertarian Party welcomes Cruz supporters with open arms.
  18. Scolai

    Army Bound

    After 20 years with his mother and me raising him, my firstborn child has left the nest and is now a future soldier in training at Fort Benning, GA. He plans on following his lifelong dream of Airborne with the hope of working his way into Ranger school. His MOS is 11-Bravo. Just wanted to brag...
  19. Scolai

    A new cure for cancer has been discovered...

    Eat a p*ssy, cure your cancer. You're welcome.
  20. Scolai

    Please Don't Shit in the Shower

    Germany might be rethinking their immigration/refugee policy when this kind of shit is happening.