Big 'Ol Grill


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A man and his wife were weeding the garden one sunny afternoon. She was bent over getting behind a small hedge, and he noticed her butt was about the same size as his bbq grill.

Intrigued, he got a tape measure and proceeded to measure his grill, then her butt. When she inquired what he was doing, he said,triumphamtly, "I thought your butt was as big as the grill, so I measured them. Sure enough, I was right! Your butt is as big as the grill!"

Naturally, this didn't sit well with her, so she gave him the silent treatment and went back to pulling weeds.

Later that night when they went to bed, he felt a little frisky and tried to butter her up. After receiving more of the cold shoulder for a while, he asked what was the matter. After a moment or two she finally rolled over and said, "Don't expect me to fire up this big ass grill for just one little weenie!'"