Brunswick Fanatic SS Review


Ball Weight: 15 lbs.
Drill Pattern: 5.5” x 30*
X-hole: None
PAP: 4 5/8” x 0” (up)
SPEED: 18.0 – 18.5 mph (release)
TILT: 17*
A.R. = 45*

I drilled the Brunswick Fanatic SS to be the third most aggressive, mid lane ball in my bag, behind only the Mastermind Strategy and Forest Green Quantum in overall hook, and it has not disappointed. With the 5.5” x 30* drill pattern, the pin ended up above my bridge. I did not need a weight hole, but have room to place one if I want to tune the reaction. I have used the Fanatic SS on a couple of lane conditions. I will post them below, as well as a brief synopsis of how the ball performed.


As you would imagine on a typical house shot (THS), I was able to play inside and create a lot of area with the Fanatic SS, with a good amount of “miss room” inside of target. The great thing about the Fanatic SS is that I am able to keep migrating further into the lane with my target and my feet and still have good pin carry, which is not always true of other, mid to high end, fairly aggressive symmetrical core balls I have reviewed and used in the past. Being on the left side allows me to stay further out longer, but having the ability to move inside and know you can carry is a valuable tool for all bowlers to have, and the Fanatic SS gives me that peace of mind. I wasn’t a fan of the box finish on the THS, I found it to be too early of a roll for me. I took the cover to 1500 with Royal Compound and with less traffic on the left side, this surface was absolutely incredible on this ball. It allowed me to play more angle further out while actually INCREASING my carry percentage over playing less angle inside without the polish on the ball. This ball takes very well to surface adjustments and do not be afraid to tune it to the specific shot on the lanes, the Fanatic SS can handle it beautifully. I found the Fanatic SS had better pin carry further inside than my Forest Green Quantum with both at box finish, but carried a little worse than the Forest Green Quantum when I played further outside in the drier part of the lane at box, but carry was a push for both with the Fanatic SS polished. The heavy mid-lane rolling nature of the Fanatic SS means it needs a little more oil up front to let it show its true potential.


This 40ft. Challenge Series pattern proved to be a very interesting pattern for the Fanatic SS. I tried it on the fresh at box finish and surprisingly really liked the look I got. I was able to play 15 to 10 and move in as the pattern transitioned, keeping pin carry the same as I moved. I then used it polished at 1500 w/ Royal Compound and found that with 40ft. of oil and the semi-high gloss finish, the Fanatic SS was getting a little spotty of a read to get consistent pin carry. But, I bowled a (5) game tournament block on the pattern, and by midway through game three, I was able to get further inside with the Fanatic SS and found a very nice ball reaction. Where other balls were laboring to get back to the pocket, the Fanatic SS was at a straight 1500 sanded cover stock prep, and had no problem getting there. This was very impressive to me, and then having the polished Fanatic SS to go to later in a block when others were starting to struggle with pin carry and angle to the pocket, gave me a leg up on other bowlers. The Fanatic SS will be my go to ball going forward on carry down and late block adjustments when I need to get further inside without having a ball over react. This ball is all about a nice, heavy roll.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone at Brunswick Bowling for making another winner. Brunswick truly has the best, most versatile lineup around. Showing what the Brunswick Fanatic SS can do across a couple of different oil patterns, from THS to Challenge Series patterns, will help bowlers see the versatility of the Fanatic SS, and just how easily this ball can be used on a wide array of conditions. It is the first ball out of my bag on medium-heavy patterns, and also when the lanes break down, I grab the polished Fanatic SS, move further in and have fun. I hope you enjoyed my review of the Brunswick Fanatic SS bowling ball, good luck and good bowling everyone. Go get your Fanatic SS today!

James Goulding III
Brunswick Staff