Brunswick Fire Pearl Quantum Review

Maine Man

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James Goulding III
Brunswick Staff
Left Handed
360 RPM
PAP: 4 5/8” x 0”
17.5* Tilt
17.5 – 18.0 MPH

Brunswick Fire Pearl Quantum
Layout: 33* X 5.25” x 67*, pin under middle finger
X-hole: ¾” x 2.5” deep, 2” down on VAL


40ft. House Pattern, Medium-Heavy Blend

I drilled the Fire Pearl Quantum pin under to be a smooth, yet longer version of the Forest Green Quantum, and that’s exactly what I got. Using this ball on fresh THS is great, especially when I have room left with friction to wheel it off of, as it creates extra area and “miss room”. Being on the left side, I am able to play straighter with more aggressive equipment while still being able to “bang on it”, which is why the Fire Pearl Quantum was a perfect fit for my game. My first three game set on my league was a 720 with games of 239, 221, 260. The ball reaction is very clean through the heads and mid lane, but still gives a strong heavy roll into the pocket. I believe the combination of the strong symmetrical motor of the Quantum mushroom core, as well as the pearl cover stock, both allow this ball to achieve a more down lane type of hook, while still rolling heavy, which is the type of reaction you want from a versatile pearl. As far as comparison to other equipment, I played 5 boards further left with my feet, and 3 boards further left with my eyes than with the Forest Green Quantum. If you’re looking for that benchmark pearl ball in your lineup, then pick up a Fire Pearl Quantum.

Team USA Mexico City Oil Pattern

I was curious how the Fire Pearl Quantum would handle the longer oil pattern (45ft.) that Mexico City lays down, and was actually pleasantly surprised with the results. With a 5 1/4” pin under layout, the Fire Pearl Quantum starts its move early enough to give a more readable reaction on this oil pattern. If I had a long pin over layout, I don’t feel it would have given me the look I desired on this longer oil pattern. Carry percentage was the only issue on this pattern when it was fresh, but after throwing a few games, and breaking down the pattern (with the help of the Forest Green Quantum to burn up a spot), the Fire Pearl Quantum really shined. It’s a perfect compliment to the Forest Green Quantum, which worked great on Mexico City until they broke down, and then I could move right to the Fire Pearl Quantum and pick up where the Forest Green Quantum left off, playing a similar part of the lane. I shot games of 212, 209, 217 (fresh oil) and then games of 238, 245, 257 on the burn. On this pattern, I played 4 boards further left with my feet and 2 boards further left with my target than the Forest Green Quantum.

Team USA Los Angeles Oil Pattern

The Team USA Los Angeles oil pattern is a 36ft. pattern, which was a great test to see how the Fire Pearl Quantum would react to the shorter length, and it really shined on the fresh oil. I was able to start left, placing the ball down around 11, catching my break point at the 5 board down lane, and the ball reaction was incredible. Even as I had to move inside as the oil pattern wore down, I was still able to get tremendous pin carry, which is something that many balls struggle with as you increase the angle off of your hand. I was able to play much straighter than I could with my Forest Green Quantum on this shorter oil pattern, and having that pearl cover stock really makes a huge difference, especially on these types of shorter oil patterns. I played 6 further left with my feet and 3 further left with my target than the Forest Green Quantum. Overall, I was very pleased with how the Fire Pearl Quantum held up on this shorter pattern. It will be the ball I start with going forward, and if they break down further I can go to my LT-48 or weaker pearl equipment when they really break down.

Overall Impression

I would say that overall the Fire Pearl Quantum is a must own for any bowler looking to add a ball that can handle a variety of lane conditions, from medium blends to shorter patterns. The cover stock is very surface adjustment friendly, so don’t be afraid to sand or polish the cover stock to your liking. This ball fits perfectly behind the Forest Green Quantum (very aggressive) and the Brute Strength (medium oil monster) in my arsenal, and it will be in my bag for a long time. If you’re a one day a week bowler, this ball will help get you the most bang for your buck, as the pearl cover will widen the amount of lane conditions you can hit with one ball, especially as patterns break down. Also, if you’re the serious, competitive bowler such as me, then this ball HAS to be in your bag at all times. I can’t wait to use it on an even wider variety of flatter tournament conditions and see this ball shine. If you’re looking for your next benchmark pearl ball, or looking to fill that gap between the super aggressive stuff and the milder reacting balls, check out the Brunswick Fire Pearl Quantum, you’ll be glad you did!

James Goulding III
Brunswick Staff