Brunswick Forest Green Quantum Review

Maine Man

New Member

Ball Weight: 15 lbs.
Drill Pattern: 50* x 5” x 35*
PAP: 4 5/8” x 0” (up)
SPEED: 17.5 – 18.0 mph (release)
TILT: 17.5*

I drilled the Brunswick Forest Green Quantum to be the second most aggressive ball in my bag, behind only the Mastermind Strategy, and it has not disappointed. With the 50* x 5” x 35* drill pattern, the pin ended up above and to the left of my ring finger. I did not need a weight hole, but have the option to add one if needed. I have used the Forest Green Quantum on a wide variety of lane conditions. I will post them below, as well as a brief synopsis of how the ball performed.


As you would imagine on a typical house shot (THS), I was able to play inside and create a lot of area with the Forest Green Quantum, with a good amount of “miss room”. The great thing about the Forest Green Quantum is that I am able to keep migrating further into the lane with my target and my feet and still have very good pin carry, which is not always true of other, high end, fairly aggressive balls I have reviewed and used in the past. Being on the left side allows me to stay further outside longer, but having the ability to move inside and know you can carry is a valuable tool for all bowlers to have, and the Forest Green Quantum gives me that peace of mind. I liked the box finish, but I also used this ball quite a bit sanded up to 4000 with no polish, and with less traffic on the left side, this surface was absolutely incredible on this ball. It allowed me to play further outside while increasing my carry percentage over playing further inside with the ball at a lower surface. This ball takes very well to surface adjustments and do not be afraid to tune it to the specific shot on the lanes, the Forest Green Quantum can handle it beautifully.


This 40ft. Challenge Series pattern proved to be a very interesting pattern for the Forest Green Quantum, as I bowled in a high end tournament twice on this pattern. I tried it on the fresh at box finish and really liked the initial look I got. I was able to play 14 to 9 and move in as the pattern transitioned, keeping pin carry about the same as I moved. I then used it sanded up at 4000 and found that even with 40ft. of oil, I was able to move further out and get decent pin carry. But, I bowled that (5) game tournament block on the pattern, and by midway through game three, I was able to get further inside with the Forest Green Quantum at box finish and found a very nice ball reaction, where other balls were laboring to get back to the pocket. This was very impressive to me, and having another 4000 grit Forest Green Quantum to go to later in a block when others were starting to struggle with pin carry and angle to the pocket, will give me a leg up on other bowlers.


I used the Forest Green Quantum on this 37ft. Challenge Series pattern, and found that this was the only pattern where I had a hard time using the ball for an entire block at box finish, but I did like the look of the ball at 4000 sanded on this pattern for a five game set. I believe the shorter length of the pattern really steers away from the strong nature of a 1000 box finish sanded Forest Green Quantum, and I was able to get to the pocket from multiple angles, but pin carry was not as good as some of the longer or heavier oil patterns I have used the Forest Green Quantum on at box surface. But, the Forest Green Quantum takes to cover changes very well, and I took it up to my favorite girt for this ball, 4000 sanded, and transformed the Forest Green Quantum from a ball I may have to leave in the bag, to one that dominated the Kegel Broadway oil pattern. The extra length provided by the 4000 surface allowed the Forest green Quantum to get through the front part of the lane easily, while retaining enough energy to strike consistently from multiple angles. This is another great reason to own more than one Forest green Quantum, keep one dull for the heavier patterns, and have one either with a higher grit or polished for the shorter and broken down oil patterns. I was pleasantly surprised with the results after the cover change, and it shows that the Forest Green Quantum really is a great all around bowling ball.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone at Brunswick Bowling for making another winner. Brunswick truly has the best, most versatile lineup around. Showing what the Forest Green Quantum can do across a variety of oil patterns, from THS to medium and long Challenge Series patterns, will help bowlers see the versatility of the Forest Green Quantum, and just how easily this ball can be used on a wide array of conditions. It is the first ball out of my bag on medium-heavy patterns, and when the lanes carry down, I grab the sanded Forest Green Quantum, move inside and have fun. I hope you enjoyed my review of the Brunswick Forest Green Quantum bowling ball, good luck and good bowling everyone. Go get your Forest Green Quantum today!

James Goulding III
Brunswick Staff