Brunswick Magnitude 035 Review


James Goulding III
Brunswick Staff
Left Handed
350 RPM
PAP: 4 5/8” x 0”
17* Tilt
18.0 – 18.5 MPH
Layout: 4 5/8" x 65
X-hole: 1" past PAP, 2.5" deep

I drilled the Magnitude 035 to be my "go to" ball for lane conditions that are less than ideal, especially sport or challenge patterns where your miss room is negated to a degree, and you need a ball that will help give you extra boards to play with. The Magnitude 035 does just that. With the pin down layout, I am able to control the back end exceptionally well, as the ball picks up the middle part of the lane and rolls very smooth and continuous through the pins. On a THS, it is not the first ball out of my bag, rather when the lanes break down it is there to help with transition when other balls become over/under and sensitive to the the wet/dry conditions. On sport shots, this ball shines. I have used it on WTBA Paris, WTBA Athens, and the 2011 USBC Masters pattern, all with tremendous results when compared to other balls on the same pattern. I find that the Magnitude gives me 1-1.5 extra boards of miss room inside AND outside of my target, which certainly comes into play anytime you bowl on challenging lane conditions. If you are a tournament bowler, you HAVE to have this ball in your bag at all times. You are literally throwing pins away if you don't. Plus, even if you're a one day a week bowler, you can use the Magnitude 035 to blend out league conditions which can vary week in and week out. This ball is available now from your local pro shop, get yours today!