Cracked Bowling Balls


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Okay, by now most of us have probably experienced having a bowling ball crack. Not the type of crack that occurs around the finger holes but the major ball-ending career crack that goes around the entire circumference of the ball from the finger hole all the around to the thumb hole.

I have had balls crack that were in temperature controlled environments, either in a room or sitting in the locker at the local bowling center. This is not a brand specific issue as I have had balls crack from almost all ball companies.

What I have found to help for the last ten years is to place a ball that I am not going to be using for awhile in a plastic bag like the ones the bowling balls come in from the manufacturers. I don't clean the ball before placing it inside the plastic bag as I want the ball to have some oil in the coverstock. Then I store the ball in a controlled environment. Since I have started doing this I have not experienced having a ball crack. I am not sure of the reason why for this. It may just be coincidence, but it has been about ten years now without a ball cracking.

Reasons why a ball may crack include: extreme temperature changes, dull drill bits while drilling holes in ball, too much super glue around inserts, manufacturing defect like a void in ball, core breaking lose, or ball still curing.


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Yes... storing a ball is sometimes the kiss of death...don't no way...Good piece of info you posted...

I will pass it on....



just so you know...