Game 2 loss may not bode well for Golden State


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It's not surprising that LeBron James is starring in yet another NBA Finals, but Golden State obviously didn't help itself by failing to hold home-court advantage in Game 2 on Sunday (June 7).

Whereas LeBron is likely to appear in at least several more Finals, this may be the only opportunity the Warriors have to take an NBA title in quite some time.

In a way, it's remindful of 2012, when Oklahoma City had home-court advantage over Miami, but the series turned in favor of the Heat when the Thunder couldn't go up 2-0 by winning Game 2 in OKC.

True, there was only one game played Sunday night, but home-court playoff defeats are significant, and Golden State may have squandered a golden opportunity to gain a significant advantage in its title quest. Instead, it now faces the pressure of having to win on the road after not being able to "close the deal" in Game 2 on its home court.