Happy Birthday to Dean Torrence (of Jan & Dean)!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dean Torrence, born 79 years ago today (March 10) in Los Angeles. He was half of the Jan & Dean duo that recorded 15 Billboard Top 40 hits, and here, they perform the classic "Little Old Lady From Pasadena" from 1964. [Dean is on the right, and Jan Berry, who died in 2004, is on the left] ...


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Jan Berry. Met him, also a few years before he died. He was really fucked up from the accident and could not speak. BUT, the strange thing about it is could sing. He couldn't sing well, and the songs had to be at a much slower tempo than originally recorded, but he could sing the lyrics. I spoke with him after a show one time and he could barely mumble one word. I felt really bad for him.

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Dang that’s sad. Very sad. I had a cousin that was in the same condition after an accident while speeding. Happened when he was 16 driving a T Bucket hot rod. Lost an eye. Speech slurred for life. Could barely walk for years until he was forced into wheelchair. Died at 62 years old in a rest home.