McDonald's to raise pay for 90,000 workers


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Great. Now those idiots will get paid even more money to screw up my order. I already have a hate-hate relationship with my local McD's. I hate that it's one of the few places worth getting breakfast at, and I hate that I spend my money there - because the people that work at my local McD's are effing retards.

Greg T.

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My Mickey D orders are always fine. But, fucking Hardee's is a whole other story. It's a sure bet that my burgers and fries instantly change to fish and onion rings.


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Back in my day if we were given fish and onion rings, we were glad to have it! Sure was better than the dry oatmeal and cabbage we usually got! :Coffee:


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The McD I go to just opened about a year ago...So it is Modern and clean....But it's the STAFF...They are with out a
doubt, the most pleasant people that I had ever had wait on me at McD...


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9, Been about a year and a half now...And believe it or not....they are as nice as they were on day one...


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Saw in the news earlier today that the same clods that are getting this raise are not satisfied with the amount of their raise. They want to hold out for $15/hr.

Or, in other words, they're holding out for being replaced by a touch-screen...