Mini-editorial: Dems embrace illegals but ignore homeless


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Democrat politicians continue to show little concern regarding efforts to fix our massive immigration problems, and some are pushing for free medical care for illegals. And in many ways, it seems as if illegals have become their No. 1 constituent group.

On the other hand, have you heard any indication of support for the millions of homeless Americans by any of the Democrats seeking the presidency?

Take a close look at California, a solid blue state for decades. Under Democrat control, the state's major cities -- Los Angeles and San Francisco included -- have allowed many thousands of homeless to set up tent cities in parks and streets, and allowing them to be used for drug use and toilets. Drug needles and garbage litter many areas of those cities. But those homeless people are being ignored by the Democrat politicians and the lamestream media.

Are people living in these cities and throughout California blind to the plight of the homeless, and don't they see how lack of sanitation and other homeless-related problems impact their own home values?

However, the homeless issue was never mentioned in the opening rounds of Democrat debates. Obviously, the Democrats have no clue how to deal with the problem, and the fake-news media refuses to hold them accountable.

Greg T.

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This is easy. Show me a democrat controlled city that isn't a shit hole. They won't mention the problem because they don't want to bring focus to it. They'll keep harping on the issues being blamed on Trump in hopes of gaining support and votes in the coming election. They don't care, Bill. It's extremely sad to say this, but in all honesty, THEY DON'T CARE about homeless and starving, sick Americans. They've already got THEIR votes. Why fix things? Why help them? If they do, Trump will get the credit. The democrats WANT a shit hole country. Change my mind.


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Dear Greg T:

I agree completely. The Democrats want S*hole areas replete with sheeple that will rely on government to take care of all their needs -- and importantly, will vote for them even though they could care less about real problem solving.