Mini-editorial: Mail-in balloting fraud? Let me itemize the ways


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There are numerous dangers with regard to mail-in voting, and most lead to the reason(s) why Democrats are so much in favor of it. Let me itemize some of the ways ...

* It can actually result in real voter suppression, because thousands of votes might not be counted.

* It can cause widespread fraud and abuse, including logistical issues, such as problems with the U.S. Postal Service and delays in vote counts. which were problematic in 2020 primaries.

* There's the issue of duplicate voting, ballot petition fraud, buying votes, and false registration.

* Partisans and paid companies have been caught collecting votes and mailing them in on behalf of voters.

* Forged signatures.

Democrats and their friends in the fake-news lamestream media downplay the impact of such issues, claiming it's not widespread, but saying it's not widespread does imply that it is happening.


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I saw Trump's tweet. If those same Dems can go to Walmart and riot in the streets they can show up to the polls.

Over 60 can apply for an absentee ballot