Mini-editorial: Phone call transcript clears Trump, while video condemns Biden


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Is there any doubt that the lamestream media and radical Democrats are driven by their extreme hatred of President Trump? And their so-called "impeachment inquiry" has no foundation in a "high crimes and misdemeanors" fact situation.

With regard to the transcription of Trump's call to the president of Ukraine -- and ignoring the media reports and the "parody" presented by Rep. Adam Schiff -- any reasonable or informed person would conclude there are no grounds for impeachment. The call was one of congratulations, with both parties expressing a desire to clean up Ukraine corruption.

On the other hand, Joe Biden is a shining example of corruption, bragging on videotape, “If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch, he got fired.”

How does son Hunter Biden, with no expertise whatsoever regarding energy or Ukraine culture, get appointed to the board of a corrupt Ukraine energy company, and raking in a huge salary? This was clearly abuse of office involving a quid pro quo.

Despite the relentless efforts of Democrats and the media to remove him from office, Trump has done an amazing job, offering tax relief for all and undoing of onerous regulations on businesses, resulting in a booming economy with nearly full employment for the first time in a half-century.

Just imagine what could be accomplished by a Congress working with Trump?