Mini-editorial: The Democrats' never-ending story


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When Donald Trump was running for president, the Democrats were pushing the false narrative that he was an asset of the Russians and that he was using their support to win the election. And at the same time, the Democrats sought help from Ukraine to search for “dirt” on Trump in an effort to defeat him at the polls.

That effort failed, and then came the lengthy and expensive Mueller investigation, but the conclusion of the final report failed to provide evidence to fulfill the Democrats’ dream of impeachment. And when the Russian Collusion Delusion failed, the Democrats turned to obstruction to impeach Trump, and in fact, many Democrats sought to impeach Trump immediately after he was elected.

After obstruction failed, the Democrats tried a sex scandal and the "race card" but those, too, were of no avail. And recently, they found a "whistleblower" in hopes of a new path to impeachment.

Everyone should see a pattern here and realize that Democrats can’t win the election with only radical socialists running, so they feel they must impeach him and have him removed from office.

However, the Democrats need to be aware that criminal investigations by AG William Barr and John Durham will bring the real criminals and members of the silent coup Deep State to light. And hopefully, that will put an end to the Democrats’ never-ending story.