No team can come close to challenging the Cubs in NL Central


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Playing in the NL Central, the Chicago Cubs have a clear path to the division title.

It's almost as if the division opponents are "laying down" in order to let the Cubs have a better shot at the franchise's first World Series title in more than a century.

Just look how the Cubs are mowing down each of the division foes ...

VS. CINCINNATI ... Cubs have 6-1 record, outscoring the Reds 60-20
VS. PITTSBURGH ... Cubs have won all five games, ALL OF THEM BY 5 OR MORE RUNS, outscoring the Pirates 37-11
VS. MILWAUKEE ... Cubs are 2-0 vs. the Brewers, outscoring them 11-5
VS. ST. LOUIS ... Cubs are 2-1 vs. the Cardinals, outscoring them 10-6.

That's a 15-2 record, while outscoring the "pushover deluxe" division opponents 118-42.


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Well, the Pirates changed those statistics a bit with a 2-1 victory over the Cubs today, even though they didn't get their first hit of the game until one out in the seventh inning.