Philadelphia 76er's - WTF?!?

Some of you may know, I grew up in PA, about 50 miles outside of Philly. I still follow most of the Philly sports teams, except for the Eagles. Even with the recent struggles, I stuck by the 76er's. I knew they had a plan for the future, knew they had a very good young core group of players, one of which was last year's Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams. Well, the idiots who are running the team decided to trade MCW today for a first round pick (top 5 protected) that originally belongs to the Lakers. WTF?!? MCW was their best player, and was a very good cornerstone to build around with Nerlins Noel, and Joel Embiid next year (once he comes back from the foot issues that kept him out this year). Add a new crop of talent from the draft around these 3 and you start to see a team building for success. Now, I just the management are just idiots who want to see the Sixers lose every year while stealing the money from the fans. I am done with them. I guess I'll hop on the Golden State Warriors bandwagon while they are hot. [Rant off]
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Ok Jorge back off of the ledge LOL.
It goes in cycles, look at me and my Bears, we just went thru a nigtmare of a season, but we have new GM and coaching staff so I see some hope for the future. And I don't even want to get into the Cubs, but hey I still have hope.
Besides it could be worse, you could be a Raiders fan and then you would have no hope. :p
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The Bear and Lions or nowhere near as bad as the Sixers.
Plus, even if it didn't work out, these teams had plans to get better, and they have in the Lions case. And I expect the Bears will to now that they have a real coach.

I thought the Sixers had a plan, I really bought into it. I would tell my friends that they won't be as bad as they think, these kids will come around....just give it a year or two. I liked their draft picks for the most part. I understood sitting Noels all of last year, Embiid all of this get them healthy and ready to play. I saw this team as a true contender for many years to come in a 2-3 years if they stayed on the path. But now they traded argueably their two best players in McDaniels and MCW (even though MCW shooting numbers were terrible this year, he was a catalyst that helped that team go).
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MI 2 AZ, I have read a few things saying the Sixer's trades were all that bad. I wasn't aware of how bad MCW shooting really was, but I still find it hard to swallow. I read an article were Hinkie said that he wants a team that will win 50+ games every year. And that you can't get there by adding a small number of wins each year. You have assemble a great team and make a big jump to that level. Just reminds me of "Major League" too much, only with the Sixers' they would suit up the dead guy and start him at center instead of crossing him off the list. He's cheap and helps to make sure they lose as many as possible.
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