Streaming TV

Greg T.

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This is why I keep a tiny, basic cable package. I know the major networks are going try for their share of streaming fees, but if you keep a basic package thru a cable or dish service, they all offer free streaming with their services. Even tho I have a cable box I never use it. I am getting all my programming thru a Roku unit which is easily navigated to individual channels not offered by my provider. Works well.


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I cut the cord once (for over 10 years). Came back only after streaming costs got prices down to what I am willing to pay for TV. Thus, if they get stupid I'll simply cut the cord again. No big deal - I'll either get what I want for what I'm willing to pay, or I'll simply save my money and do something else with it to keep myself entertained.


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People all cried to the cable companies that they wanted Al la carte. Streaming services come along and you get Al la carte at a much higher price. We have Netflix but it's not cheaper for us to cut cable and move to YouTube tv or individual network streaming services. CBS all access? eff that mess.


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I just have HULU Live and Amazon Prime run through a Roku. Gets me racing (IRL, F1, IMSA, NASCAR, NHRA), HGTV + access to their app to stream whatever whenever, and Amazon gets me the Grand Tour. Pretty much all I and the wife need, although I've been tempted to buy a sub to the Lucas Oil Racing channel for dirt track racing access - I think it's $60/year.

NBC has their sports gold packages, but I don't like that each sport has to be purchased separately. I'd probably buy into the whole package at $100-$120 a year, but I'm not going to spend $60+ for each separate sport.