The Big Date


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A guy goes into the pharmacy and says to the pharmacist "I got this date tonight with two of the hottest chicks in town. I want to be sure I can keep up with both of them all night. You got anything to help?"

"Sure do. Just take two of these pills an hour before they get there and you'll be good to go!"

So the guy takes the pills and goes on his way. The next afternoon, he goes back to the pharmacy. His eyes are bloodshot, his hair and clothes are a mess, and he can barely move.

The pharmacists looks him over for a second then asks, "Well, how did it go?"

Without a word, the guy unzips his pants and pulls out a blistered, red, nasty looking penis.

The pharmacist looks it over for a second, "Man, I don't think I have anything to help that..."

The guy says "How about some Ben Gay?"

"BEN GAY?!" The pharmacist exclaims, "You don't want to put Ben Gay on that, it'll hurt like hell!"

"No, no, no" says the man, "The Ben Gay is for my arms... the girls didn't show up!"