The NFL extra-point won't be quite as automatic now


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The NFL owners have approved a rule change that will move back extra-point kicks back 13 yards, with the ball being snapped from the 15-yard line, which will surely drop the PAT success rate below the 99+ percent that kickers achieved last season.

Another rule change (involving post-TD conversions) will allow allowing defenses to score on turnovers that thwart 2-point conversion efforts, which will initiate from the traditional 2-yard line, thus becoming similar to the college rule.


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The new PAT will be akin to a 33 yd FG try, they should still be able to convert 95+% of them. The good thing is that blocks and turnovers on two point tries can be returned for 2pts. by the defensive team. That should give defenses an extra incentive to go for the blocks. Think we'll also see some defenders in tight games going for the pick instead of just going for the safe play trying to knock the ball away from the receiver.

I don't think we'll see too many more two point tries until the weather turns nasty late in the season. But it should make the PAT more interesting overall...


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... and after the first two weeks, there were more failed conversion kick attempts than there were in the entire 17-week 2014 season.