Trump rebounded from business failure, and so have Super Bowl champions


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The lamestream media has been in a "feeding frenzy" regarding information that Donald John Trump had staggering business revenue losses in 1995. And the media coverage implies that Trump is a loser rather than a big success and a winner in his overall business endeavors.

In other words, Trump recovered to became a business success -- and a business "champion" if you will.

Let's consider a "parallel situation" in the sports world. With one exception, Super bowl champions didn't have perfect seasons, and some were FAR SHORT of perfect before putting it all together in the playoffs to become champions.

For example, since Trump's mega-losses in 1995, consider that the 2011 Super Bowl champion New York Giants recovered from a SEVEN-LOSS SEASON, and the 2010 Green Bay Packers rebounded after LOSING SIX regular-season games. And the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers and the 2001 New England Patriots lost five games each. All of them bounced back to become champions, but they weren't perfect along the way.

BOTTOM LINE: Though it will never happen, the lamestream media, liberal Democrats and never-Trump Republicans will continue to emphasize Trump's losses and pay little or no attention to HIS ENORMOUS BUSINESS SUCCESSES.