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    MI2AZ has been gone for a long time, but ...

    Looks like we got some slackers. Come on DJ, bbfeeburn, Sevenpin63, Scolai... Get yer asses in gear! :Roflmao:
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    Do any of you still believe that

    Perhaps, but if public opinion of him was better it would have been harder to pull off. As it stands, it's fairly easy to believe he is not particularly liked by the majority of people (even if they do approve of his policy). It's like Hillary. If she wasn't such an easy person to dislike...
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    Any of ya'll into wine?

    What do you like? I'm not a wine snob, and can't tell if there are hints of daffodil farts in a particular vintage, but I am finding enjoyment in trying different vintner's creations. It's similar to BBQ - every creator has their unique recipe and flavor. While I don't always like everything...
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    I'm sure there are teachers all over Oklahoma

    A serious note here In RE: the bombs found... I'm not sure if my thoughts on this were lost in the BR Misc forum purge, or if some are here, but I'm pretty sure I've mentioned in the past we would start seeing stuff like this unless things changed. Given the current environment that's been fed...
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    Do any of you still believe that

    I think if he'd cut the drama back by 50% or more he'd have easily won. I mean, it's not like the Democrats demonstrated any self control nor acted like the adult in the room the last 4 years. Trump was batshit crazy in 2016 and won. The Democrats noted his success and doubled down with lunacy...
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    Do any of you still believe that

    Well, fuck it then. If there's no integrity in the process, and potential fraud will not even be investigated much less corrected or punished, then there's no point in anyone ever bothering to show up and vote again!
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    Do any of you still believe that

    I don't know. Quite frankly, I'm disappointed in the high courts for refusing to even look at the accusations and render a verdict as to the status of the claims. IMO it would have gone a long way if the claims and been argued and disproven in court. On the flip side, it also would have provided...
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    I HAVE

    Same here, at least for now...
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    Happy Birthday to Clarence Carter!

    Keep on Strokin' Clarence! :Thumbsup:
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    If an attempted coup..........

    I think it depends on the actions and history of each individual. If someone with no criminal history, and no known online threats - basically someone who showed up to legitimately protest peacefully and was merely a part of the group, I would agree with a lesser sentence. Those busting open...
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    If an attempted coup..........

    I would have thought the same before all the events GregT listed above. Especially Chaz/Seattle. After that one, I'm not so sure.
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    Trump should have known...

    When you play with squirrels, you're bound to get your nuts crunched.
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    Going to get worse.

    :Roflmao: :Roflmao: :Roflmao:
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    Going to get worse.

    I think it'll be OK. The same thing was said when Obama took office, and we're still here. Sometimes you just have to fall on your face a few times before you finally learn how to stand upright...