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    Dear Greg T: You are correct. Some people are so "blind" that they allow their HATE for Trump (and his "undesirable" supporters) to supersede logic and their desire to maintain the freedoms that Americans have been accustomed to over the years.
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    Rand Paul points to 4 wild 'data dumps' that put Biden ahead
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    Dear 9andaWiggle: How much damage would it do to an already divided country if nothing is fully investigated and/or "fixed" this time, hence leading to repeat situations every election cycle?
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    Happy Birthday to Gilbert O'Sullivan!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gilbert O'Sullivan, born Raymond Edward O'Sullivan in Waterford, Ireland, 74 years ago (on Dec. 1, 1946). He had a number of chart hits in the early 1970s, and here, he performs his six-week chart-topping "Alone Again (Naturally)" from the summer of 1972 ...
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    Happy Birthday to Bette Midler!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bette Midler, born in Paterson, N.J., 75 years ago (on Dec. 1, 1945). Here, she performs her first major hit ("Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy") from 1973 with a song that was previously a big hit for The Andrews Sisters in 1941 ...
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    Happy Birthday to Frank Ifield!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Frank Ifield, born 83 years ago today (Nov. 30) in Coventry, England, although he began his career as a singer-guitarist as a teenager after moving to Australia. Here, he displays his vocal and yodeling talents with a rendition of his biggest hit -- "I Remember You" in the...
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    We're finally going to have some 'cold' weather

    Here in west central Florida, we haven't needed to use heat in the house throughout the month of November. Virtually every day has seen high temperatures in the 80s, and the LOWEST temperature we've had all month is 57. HOWEVER, we're finally going to get some much-cooler weather -- for a brief...
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    Happy Birthday to Felix Cavaliere (of The Young Rascals)!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Felix Cavaliere, born 78 years ago today (Nov. 29) in Pelham, N.Y. He was a member of Joey Dee & The Starliters prior to fronting The Young Rascals. Here, the Young Rascals perform their first major hit, the chart-topping "Good Lovin'" from 1966 ...
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    Happy Birthday to Chuck Mangione!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chuck Mangione, born 80 years ago today (Nov. 29) in Rochester, N.Y. Here, the flugelhorn player-bandleader-songwriter performs his biggest hit single, "Feels So Good" from the spring of 1978 ...
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    The party line has changed

    Dear sevenpin63: Do you really believe everything you hear in the lamestream media? I was a newspaper copy editor for more than 50 years, and virtually every story I read reflects pro-Biden and anti-Trump reporting. Some of it is subtle, but the media over-emphasizes anti-Trump rulings and says...
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    U.S. Supreme Court delivered major win for religious liberty

    With three new Trump appointees, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered a major win for religious liberty this week, when it struck down Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pandemic order unfairly restricting the size of religious gatherings in New York. All of Trump’s appointees (Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett)...
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    The party line has changed

    Dear bbfreeburn: Don't you at least think that election fraud was POSSIBLE?
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    Happy Birthday to Bruce Channel!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bruce Channel, born Bruce McMeans in Jacksonville, Texas, 80 years ago (on Nov. 28, 1940). The singer-songwriter charted five Billboard Hot 100 songs, the first of which was the well-known "Hey Baby" that went to No. 1 in 1962 ...
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    Happy Birthday to Randy Newman!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Randy Newman, born 77 years ago (on Nov. 28, 1943) in New Orleans. The vocalist-songwriter-pianist also composed a number of film scores, and here, he performs his biggest hit song ("Short People"), which made it to No. 2 on Billboard in late 1977 ...
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    The party line has changed

    ... but our friend bbfreeburn is just one of MANY liberals who can't see the forest for the trees!