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    Minneapolis Riots

    He's a St Paul police officer
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    My opinion of scrapple...

    Holy fuck, we do have something in common.:eek:
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    I check in every now and then. We moved to Florida a couple of years ago. Traveling more with both of us retired now.
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    Hugh Hefner has died

    RIP Hugh, just wish your magazines pages wouldn't have stuck together after one use.
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    Perfect Response, Mr. President!

    Golden State Warriors should instead go to DC to visit Obama at his house & take a picture, just to watch President Donnie Dotard Snowflake have another meltdown
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    Mini-editorial: What happens after all the statues are gone?

    Statues, or do you mean participation trophies?
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    Is a vote no...

    Damn, I swear I heard our beloved President Trump had this great health care plan, everyone would love it. Where is his fucking plan?
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    Most Trump supporters are above name-calling

    Maybe you should re-read your own post, no where in your opinionated post did you mention protesting. Hell, the title is Most Trump supporters are above name-calling. As for the name-calling, I would have to say they're both on equal footing.
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    Most Trump supporters are above name-calling

    "Bruce is Funny" is the appropiate section of this forum for this topic of your opinion.
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    This ban I could go along with.

    Exactly. Instead of 2 weeks vacation, you get 3.
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    This ban I could go along with. Companies should be allowed to prohibit staff from wearing the Islamic headscarf but only as part of a general ban on religious and political symbols, an adviser to the European Court of Justice said on Tuesday.