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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
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    Good morning, sevenpin63! ( now in the open)

    Reverse. I'm still here I just choose not to participate. I have my reasons. Just tired of someone's bullshit. It's not worth my time or effort. This is all I will say. Bye
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    Is it true they found WAMO ...

    Be careful. They may be looking for you next.
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    Big day today in Washington DC

    Hose don't bother. They are so lost they wouldn't see the truth or facts if it slapped them in the face. This place is so sad.
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    What have you Douchebags been up to?

    I have been busy as hell. Spent a few days in Wisconsin on the lake. Before that I was working 60 hours a week. Glad thats over. Now I'm helping fiancée get her house ready to sell. It goes on the market this week. Then comes the moving....ugh.
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    Happy Birthday WAMO. Have a good one buddy.
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    That just shows everyone who is able should get vaccinated.
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    Where's WAMO?

    WAMO is doing fine.
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    Trump-DeSantis 2024? President expresses willingness

    The people I know including self like a lot of his policies but not the man himself. People are tired of the chaos he brings to the table.
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    Leave it to those Yoopers to always cause trouble. They can never conform.
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    Mini-editorial: 'The Big Lie' and 'The Big Coincidence"

    Hell, I hope you're wrong too. I tend not to go overboard with a lot of what is going on. In my lifetime I have noticed it seems to go in cycles. Also I have to believe their is to many level headed people in this country to let that happen. I have read even Nancy thinks the AOC and their ilk...
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    Michigan's governor violates her own orders – AGAIN!

    Ya fuck calling the doctor for a hard on lasting longer than 3 hours. Ride it baby. Ride it.