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    It Is A Valid Point

    Stopped at a rest / text area, here in NY, today. Walked in to see the choices Men, Women & Unisex. Made me wonder how GTGT was doing..
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    Carrie Fisher's Mother, Debbie Reynolds, Hospitalized. Update: Passes Away

    I saw this too. Very sad. But at least episode 8 has already been shot.
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    Rockettes Uneasy About Performing For Inauguration

    I would be uneasy too. Uneasy of underperforming for DJT.
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    Racoons and Porch Monkies out of control...

    I saw the title and thought the thread was about a rogue band of animals getting into jls' garbage cans at night - not humans.
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    Trump Fact Check

    GTGT #feelthejohnson
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    Ghost In Deadly Crash Photo?

    Hard to say. A second pic would have been a good control to compare.
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    Republican Platform

    And you can use any potty you want. Life is good.
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    Nice France

    Religion of peace, Islam, strikes again. Early count is 73 dead. When will mass Islamic refugee immigration and strict gun control be recognized as a bad combination?
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    Never-Trump GOP's New Plan

    The Rep. party has become a regional party. Just like how Europe has changed, so shall we.
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    What do you drive, and do you like it?

    Mazda CX-7 (black) and a Nissan Quest to haul the younglings.
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    THE Gretchen files suit against Fox News?

    A lot of female anchors are coming out against her story. Plus some of her stories aren't panning out.
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    Daily Caller Confession....

    Taser makes those body cameras.
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    Facts indicate that Hillary Clinton is guilty of felonies

    Meanwhile, AG Lynch is telling BLM to not be discouraged. Laws are sometimes worth the paper they are printed on.
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    Couldn't slip the drone in I suppose.