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    SASBA M/G Doubles at Tangi?

    Will be there Bowling with Jeff Chighizola
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    Ebonite Demo Days

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    Kidney stone issues.

    Hope all works out... Nothing worse than Kidney stone pain
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    Tony - Suggestion

    Tony Melendez said: I'm looking into that. I used the "What's New" link all the time, too. Let me see what I can do. That is one thing I would like to see back....
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    What's up with AMF?

    The new owner of the 2 (independent) centers in my area (Slidell/Mandeville LA) is looking to move in this direction.... Opening later in the day forcing some of the women/seniior league to adjust their starting time or just quit... Also not wanting a full house to have lanes available for open...
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    Embarrassed myself but enjoyed the challenge.... 2nd tourney back from shoulder surgery... game needs more work..... especially on something other than China Thanks Steve for giving us something to bowl
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    WE probably took this stie for granted... some folks turned it into something a little different than it was but need to appreciate Tony giving us a place to have some fun and maybe gather some good information Thanks Tony
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    60-year member speaks out on status of modern-day USBC

    Good read... lots of truth about the amount of money being spent
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    High Score awards to become Once-in-a-Lifetime

    Lots of talk about this on Facebook.... See Xeno's timeline..... Find it strange that this was not talked about at the convention/// Many seminars about doing away with local awards but nothing about this.. I understand that many of the better bowlers have more awards than they know what to...