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  1. 9andaWiggle

    Any of ya'll into wine?

    What do you like? I'm not a wine snob, and can't tell if there are hints of daffodil farts in a particular vintage, but I am finding enjoyment in trying different vintner's creations. It's similar to BBQ - every creator has their unique recipe and flavor. While I don't always like everything...
  2. 9andaWiggle

    Trump should have known...

    When you play with squirrels, you're bound to get your nuts crunched.
  3. 9andaWiggle

    Question for GregT and AW in RE; Trump

    This is simething that has bugged me about Trump for some time. We know he's a manipulator and he likes to play games in order to get what he wants. He was also good buddies with the Democrats and the Clintons for decades up until his run for president. While I appreciate his efforts to stand...
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    To make amends for the creepy clown thread... :)
  5. 9andaWiggle

    A little "Welcome Back" present for The Hose...

    Hope you like it! :p :Roflmao: :Roflmao: :Roflmao: :Roflmao: :Roflmao:
  6. 9andaWiggle

    Well How About That?

    Looks like Dems control everything. They'll be rounding up Trump supporters starting Feb 1 - Trump supporters will be given a choice of re-education (and sworn allegiance to the New World Order), or a daily butt-fucking. Greg and AW better stock up on lube! :p...
  7. 9andaWiggle

    This is crazy

    Doesn't hurt that she's cute either, but damn! I'd have killed myself or bashed my brain to mush before I'd ever perfect any of this routine.
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    I can't believe anybody with a job buys their bullshit, much less put up with it. Un-fucking-believable... I think this link is a free article from WSJ. California Plan to Chase the Rich Away then keep Taxing Them
  9. 9andaWiggle

    Guess what, DOUCHEBAGS?!

    IT'S FRY-DAY!!!! :cool:
  10. 9andaWiggle

    What up, Dudes?

    Damn quiet in here, what are ya'll up to? I'm just biding time at work until next Wednesday... then it's a little time off until next year!
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    What the meme?

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  13. 9andaWiggle

    Ya'll got Christmas stuff out yet?

    Wife likes the tree and lights, but we haven't dug 'em out yet. Thought about it last weekend, and we both kinda shrugged and didn't do it. Imagine we'll get it out this weekend or next, but we've pretty much quit putting much out. We'll do 3 trees (our main one, pre-lit, that will have a few...
  14. 9andaWiggle

    Enquiring minds want to know...

    GregT and AW - do you guys already have your "NOT MY PRESIDENT" bumper stickers and T-shirts? :Roflmao:
  15. 9andaWiggle

    It's a great time if year to dine al fresco...

    Bundle up! Because Greg has to eat all his meals outside from now on! Inside dining BANNED, because... Michigan! :Roflmao:
  16. 9andaWiggle

    AW - you high and dry?

    Heard Eta is causing some serious flooding issues in parts of Fla. I see you posted recently, so I assume all is well?
  17. 9andaWiggle

    Watch this last thing before bed...

    And enjoy some sweet dreams! :cool:
  18. 9andaWiggle

    Here's what's gonna happen...

    Biden's gonna get elected, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all gonna be cancelled this year. After Biden takes office and dies (or goes to nursing home) Harris takes control and by St. Patrick's day, miraculously, covid will no longer be an issue. Bank on it, Joe (er, I mean...
  19. 9andaWiggle

    I hopa ya'll gonna be alright...

    When Biden wins. Nothing you can do about it, the Deep State wins. Let's face it son, some people just don't belong. Let it be written, let it be done.
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    What up, my Honkies?

    Ever have a day in which everything irritates the hell out of you and you just don't give a shit? I'm having one of those days. Everything in the universe is determined to dry-hump my last nerve today, and my motivation/give a shit level to get anything done is 0... :mad::Coffee::Mad: Can't...