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  1. born1

    This ban I could go along with. Companies should be allowed to prohibit staff from wearing the Islamic headscarf but only as part of a general ban on religious and political symbols, an adviser to the European Court of Justice said on Tuesday.
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    Now that we know ...

    our microwaves are spying on us, have you checked your other appliances? :eek: o_O
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    Quote of the day *Spoiler Alert*

    I stuck my dick now your throat and you said thank you. Negan Or was that Donald Trump. :Whistling:
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    Where is the outrage

    By now most of you have seen the video of the North Charleston shooting. When the cop dropped the taser next to the body, there was another cop. Why did this second cop not speak up about this? His police report said nothing of this act. :mad: If this is the case, this cop needs to be fired...
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    Watch the birth or go to work

    Meant to post this topic the other day, but I was sidetracked. Richard Sherman's girlfriend is expecting birth of their child any day. Pete Carroll says it's up to Sherman whether he plays or goes home to watch the birth. I was fortunate to be able to watch all 3 of my children born, but...
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    Posting pics

    Have tried several times to post some, but no luck. I have a great camel toe pic I would love to share.