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    Nice France

    Religion of peace, Islam, strikes again. Early count is 73 dead. When will mass Islamic refugee immigration and strict gun control be recognized as a bad combination?
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Fellow infidels, may your turkey gobble before you stuff it.
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    House next door to me was sold to Refugees...

    Below is a link showing a map of locations for Syrian "refugees". Enjoy.
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    New Star Trek Series!

    CBS is going to launch a new "Star Trek" TV cast, new stories.
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    TWD - Glenn (?)

    So I'm assuming all fans have watched by now. So is he OR isn't he? Discuss!
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    Hurricane Patricia

    Will illegals need to return to Mexico to rebuild?
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    Starting to look like another Sandy?
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    Pumpkin Nation.

    Hillary Clinton hosted a live chat on her Facebook page on Monday, where she shared her thoughts on debt, health care and more. But it was her comments about the pumpkin spice latte that made headlines. When asked whether she drank this popular beverage, Clinton said she didn’t: “The true...
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    BHO and the Military

    Obama's support among the military is 14 percent--the soldiers, black and white alike. I was shocked when I heard this. I knew it was low, but lower than dirt?
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    Water Theft Rampant in Calif.

    Few folks out there using dishwashers to clean their bowling balls.
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    Big Nose, Small Balls.

    Wow. Talk 0f Brady being suspended for a year. Thoughts?
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    ISIS lists its targets for its American forces
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    Chad L. Coleman sets white boys straight on who he is

    This went down when a white boy asked another white boy, if that was Coleman. The second white boy responded "he didn't know who that N-word was".