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    Sorry guys...

    Sorry I've been distant guys... But Im back... Did I miss anything good? ;):Roflmao::Thumbsup: Erica :)
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    happy Fry-day

    So I'd like to nominate those who will remain nameless for making me go home and change because I was outside of the enhanced dress code (no jeans on Friday) for May and June because people from the main location was supposed to come up but didnt even show this week..... :Mad::Devilish...
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    What the crap guys I stop paying attention and the boobie picture are kind lacking and you guys are talking about some A-hole getting shot... C'mon man LOL!
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    :mad: So are some women the only people that start unzipping/ unbuttoning their pants when they walk into the public work bathroom... other women do not want to see what color their underwear are... especially if they are not attractive.. the call center I work at is 80% women and there is not...
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    Happy Valentine's Day

    Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! Erica
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    Hey Guys!

    Just wanted to say "hello" and see how everyone is!?! ~Erica~