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  1. Scolai


    Fighting skillz level zero.
  2. Scolai

    Another reason why we all should appreciate President Biden?

    My diesel price is over $3 here in NC. Gas prices are closer to $2.80. Still, I'd like to get some of that $2.09 diesel again... :confused:
  3. Scolai

    SWAT TEAM, Escanaba!!! LMAO

    Yeah. The leper thing didn't last too long with me after I caught the virus in February. When I went back to work, people avoided contact with me for a while. It took a few weeks for them to forget I was ever sick, then things went back to 'normal' (more or less). Welcome to the COVID Survivors...
  4. Scolai

    SWAT TEAM, Escanaba!!! LMAO

    Reminds me of the time some years ago that my alma mater was completely shut down because a camera spotted a guy carrying a shouldered rifle onto campus. For hours, police scoured campus looking for the gunman, only to find that the surveillance footage showed a dude with an umbrella in his...
  5. Scolai

    Elizabeth City, NC

    So, Al Sharpton was in town today. I thought I smelled something foul in the air. They did a George Floyd on Andrew Brown and took him from the Museum of the Albemarle (where Brown's viewing happened) to the chapel in a horse-drawn carriage. I hope it rained its ass off for the ride. Did I...
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    Somebody done tore that turkey up!

    Still shaved, tho. :Thumbsup:
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    SERIOUS Question

    Your president, ladies and gentlemen... :Unsure:
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    Elizabeth City, NC

    Yep. The protesters are already memorializing him like they did George Floyd. The guy had a rap sheet 180 pages long, and he tried to run down officers. Now he's a hero martyr enshrined by Al Sharpton. The world is backwards.
  9. Scolai

    Elizabeth City, NC

    I grew up just a few miles north of EC. When we 'went to town' as teenagers, we meant we were going to Elizabeth City. After the police-involved shooting of an 'unarmed' black man last week, the city has gone to shit. Protesters are blocking roads and creating mayhem. The New Black Panther Party...
  10. Scolai

    Holy shit

    Better old than dead. Your grandkids will appreciate the difference. ;) Congrats!
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    Racism on Steroids

    I see the party of tolerance and love is again wielding its sword of hypocrisy again. I feel so warm and fuzzy...
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    I have a bunch of shows that I watch that generally avoid all of the progressive bullshit that pollutes TV these days. I work during the day and train in the evenings on MWF. On Tuesday, I watch The Curse of Oak Island. On Thursday, I watch Beat Bobby Flay. Weekends I watch sports (golf, racing...
  13. Scolai

    A Well Written Letter

    It is a good letter. The pandemic persists to keep kids stupid. I teach at a great school with an exceptional history of success, but a lot of our students are struggling to keep up in the pandemic school climate. This educational gap is going to have generational effects. If the powers that...
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    Opinion: WWIII officially unavoidable due to Biden’s latest move

    Remember when it was Trump who was going to push us into World War III? Good times...
  15. Scolai

    Democrats introduce bill to expand Supreme Court to 13

    It's all about the power. While the Republicans have the same objective, they are a bit more covert in their attempts to obtain/maintain power. Democrats don't care if you see them cheating their way to power. They'll gaslight and obfuscate their way into whatever they want. They've already...
  16. Scolai

    This is the noodle...

    That Biden has nominated to run the ATF (or "the AFT," as the president calls it). Is it the same guy we see standing over the ashes of dead men, women, and children here?
  17. Scolai

    Florida governor brings receipts, brutalizes '60 Minutes'

    I hope DeSantis and Publix both independently sue the pants off of CBS and 60 Minutes. I hope it costs the network billions in fees, fines, and restitution.
  18. Scolai

    Prince Philip, husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, dies at 99

    A local news station employee accidentally posted on the their public Facebook page:
  19. Scolai

    Greetings and Hallucinations!

    Good to see you back in the forums. Glad to hear your life trajectory is looking positive. I didn't dodge the COVID bullet, but took a glancing shot. My sense of smell is still a bit screwy, but other than that there have been no lingering ill-effects. I spot the helos that fly over because...
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    You laugh you Lose 4/4

    I watched five minutes and was completely unamused. I didn't see a need to watch another 17 minutes just to see if I would laugh at his banal content.