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    In the proud tradition of Republican Presidents........

    Cheeto Hitler bombs Middle Eastern country. Without Congressional approval. Anything to distract from the Russian-Trump Connection and the web of deceit that's going on. I'm sure he's sorry that he couldn't authorize putting nuclear warheads on the damn things as he so famously said. Well he was...
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    Today is when the idea of a bi-partisan govt for the people, of the people, and by the people died. Our govt is non-functional. Partisan politics, not the common good, rules the day in D.C. The founding fathers are surely rolling over in their graves. Sure, when the Dems gain back...
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    So! When are you going to wake up?

    Deplorables, when is enough enough, even for you? Trump tells FBI to watch Faux News to gather their intelligence. Unbelievable
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    Trump delusional

    Already been slapped down by a judge in Nevada who upheld the state law that Trump and his band of idiots didn't know how it read. Now he's tweeting about a voting machine in Utah malfunctioning. Says CNN reported it. I'm watching CNN right now and no, they didn't report that and they just...
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    RIP Todd Kurowski

    For those of you who didn't know him, Todd was a ball driller in the Detroit area. He worked at Aleta Sill's Bowling World with Hall of Famers Aleta Sill and Michele Mullins. He used to drill Aleta's equipment when she was tearing up the WPBA. Todd was a member of the Radical ball staff and...
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    Hell has frozen over

    One of the most conservative newspapers in history, in one of the most conservative states in the country, has endorsed Hillary Clinton. The Houston Chronicle points out her experience and temperament as the reason they are choosing her over Trump...
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    Well, Kasparov had that one right

    Gary Kasparov hit the nail on the head with his comments about Trump's speech last night. "I've heard this sort of speech alot in the last 15 years, and trust me, it doesn't sound any better in Russian. Demagoguery 101. When you don't have actual answers you exaggerate the fear and hatred in...
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    Military tired of Gowdy's claims, Gowdy's top lawyer admits their bogus As I have always maintained, there was nothing more than could have been in Benghazi that night.
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    Poultry workers wearing diapers on job!!! Goddammit. If this is true I've run out of things to say about the prospects of any jobs that can provide a living wage and let a worker have dignity in this country...
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    Wheels coming off Trump campaign....only a matter of time

    We are watching Trump start to step in it more and more. The interview he tried to change the subject when it was obvious he didn't know what he was talking about, wanting to cancel defense treaties with Japan and S Korea while letting them have nukes :eek:, suggesting that this country can do...
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    Wheels starting to fall off Trump wagon

    Damning video of a 78 year old man sucker punching a black man at a Trump rally in NC. Then the old racist says next time the black man is seen "we might have to kill him". Trump then says he's instructing his people to pay the bigot's legal fees. Wow. Then the mothet of the drunk wife...
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    When should the Constitution be followed?

    I am so embarrassed for this country and the display our elected officials put on, not to say the jamokes running for President. Supreme Court Justice dies and as the Constitution points out, it is the duty of the sitting President of the United States to nominate a replacement and Congress to...
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    Thought I might mosey on over here and see what's new. Veteran of other bowling forums but tired of all the posturing and foolishness. Probably will check in here once or twice a week.