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    Wake up, Sleepy Joe! Border crisis is escalating big-time!

    ... but her (and Barack's and AOC's) "puppet" is currently representing socialist dreams in Europe.
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    The BIDEN IS A FAILURE thread

    Biden now directly responsible for 1000s of deaths — media is silent How bad is our border crisis? Here are a few details. The U.S. government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars—not securing the border, but housing thousands of migrants each day. The massive influx of migrants, many...
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    Report: Hunter’s racist e-mail scandal now includes “D*Kes And F*Ggots”

    Because America no longer has real journalism, only Chinese-owned propaganda, Hunter Biden’s recent email revelations are being ignored, even the newest revelation concerning the use of words like “d*kes” and “f*ggots.” Hunter Biden's friends appeared to mock "f*ggots" and "d*kes" in e-mails...
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    Wake up, Sleepy Joe! Border crisis is escalating big-time!

    The inept Biden Administration’s continued assertions that the situation on our southern border isn't really a “crisis” but a staggering 180,000 migrants attempted to enter the U.S. illegally in the last month alone, marking the highest number in more than two decades -- and it's just the latest...
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    Happy Birthday to Joey Dee!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Joey Dee, born Joseph DiNicola in Passaic, N.J., 81 years ago today (June 11). He was leader of the house band at the Peppermint Lounge in New York City, and with Joey at front left, the group performs their blockbuster hit ("Peppermint Twist") in early 1962 ...
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    Tweet of the day

    ... and people are lied to repeatedly by the modern-day fake-news lamestream media!
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    Fulton County election rig exposed by judge: Xeroxed ballots tip of iceberg The election rig in Georgia (and indeed throughout the country) is being exposed, but liberals are ignoring facts with the same studious concentration they give to ignoring the creepy perverted behavior of Joe Biden and...
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    Report shows Michigan machines remotely accessed, decertifying election In a new report, one county in Michigan had its rigged machines remotely accessed, which decertifies the election. Michigan Attorney Matthew DePerno released new information from his investigation into the Antrim County...
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    The BIDEN IS A FAILURE thread

    Biden fails to deliver on his biggest promise yet President Biden’s goal of having 70 percent of America vaccinated against Covid-19 is not expected to be met. Biden’s proclamation that 70 percent of Americans must be vaccinated by July 4, with the implied threat to impede Independence Day on...
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    Democrats panic as key battleground faces election audit The aftermath of the 2020 Election is going to be felt for years to come. That’s mostly because it resulted in an idiot entering the White House. But beyond Joe Biden’s terrible decisions that are wrecking the country, what happened in...
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    Silence on Hunter Biden's racial slurs speaks volumes on media hypocrisy

    Here's a just-published article about 12 people who were canceled for using the N-Word like Hunter Biden ...
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    Trump-DeSantis 2024? President expresses willingness

    Dearsevenpin63: Are you referring to Trump, DeSantis, or both?
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    Silence on Hunter Biden's racial slurs speaks volumes on media hypocrisy

    Corrupt fake-news lamestream media outlets like the New York Times published 2,500 words when a high school cheerleader used the n-word, but are suddenly silent when the president's son repeatedly uses the same racial slur. [Following is the full text of an article authored by Gabe Kaminsky and...
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    Happy Birthday to Shirley Alston Reeves (of The Shirelles)!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Shirley Alston Reeves, born Shirley Owens 80 years ago today (June 10) in Henderson, N.C. She was lead singer for The Shirelles, a group formed in a Passaic (N..j.) junior high school as The Poquellos. Through marriages, she became Shirley Alston and later, Shirley Alston...
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    More covid shit

    Dear Greg T: You'll have to ask WAMO. He doesn't appreciate it when I ask him questions!
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    Trump-DeSantis 2024? President expresses willingness

    ... and how could anyone in favor of fair elections care to see Dominion machines all over the place again?
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    What is Gain of Function?

    Dear REVerse: I posted reference to the same explosive video earlier this morning, before I noticed that you had already posted with regard to it. But it certainly deserves notice. Thanks for posting!
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    Fauci leaked emails

    ... and in Communist China, there is no CLM (Chinese Lives Matter).
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    Trump-DeSantis 2024? President expresses willingness

    Could President Trump choose Ron DeSantis, one of the lone bastions of freedom left in the country, to be his running mate in 2024? This is essentially a no-brainer ticket option if the former president decides to run again in 2024. During a recent interview with Stuart Varney on Fox Business...
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    Opinion article: The Democratic Party's secret weapon

    During Joe Biden’s appallingly divisive speech in Tulsa last week, he basically claimed little has changed in America since a century ago when millions of white supremacist Ku Klux Klansmen routinely lynched innocent black people for fun. “Millions of white Americans belonged to the Klan,” Biden...